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Absolute Balance is Bullshit

Hi Friends,

Today, I want to dispel a common myth: that you need to find a constant state of balance to enjoy life. That brand of level balance is simply B.S.! Have you ever observed two kids on a seesaw? When they’re perfectly balanced, it means they’re stagnant, feet barely touching the ground, and not experiencing any real moments of fun or learning. Life is much the same.

Humans are not meant to stay at the same level always – there should be ups and downs, joy and sadness, successes and failures. Experiencing these swings illuminates the richness and variety inherent in life — these are the moments that ultimately make us feel alive.

I don’t endorse a perpetual state of balance. Instead, I encourage you all to embrace the totality of your experiences. Welcome the challenges, soak in the learning, and bask in the resulting growth. Celebrate the joyous moments and appreciate the extremes of human emotions. 

Remember, if you’re always seeking higher highs, there comes a point when the proverbial rubber band snaps and brings you quickly back to earth. Experiencing lows helps us truly appreciate the moments of triumph and joy. And if you only experience triumph, you’ll be in a constant race for a new high, which is unsustainable.

I’ve lived through significant highs and lows, including being diagnosed as bipolar. But learning about myself, my experiences and the influences impacting my life helped me find a new approach to balance. I navigate through life now, paying attention to how I’m feeling during my highs, careful not to soar too high, which in turn, saves me from plummeting into extreme lows.

When someone serves you the cliché, ‘just find balance in all things’, reconsider. Balance should be thought of less as a constant state and more as an interplay of highs and lows. It’s like those teardrop elements of the Yin-Yang symbol — a little darkness in the light and a little light in the darkness. Even in the most joyful moments of life, there’s a bit of sadness or weight and vice versa.

Everyone should strive for balance not in stagnancy, but in the ebb and flow of experiences, in the give and take of life. It’s as much about self-care as what you’re willing to share with others. If you’re constantly giving, you’ll end up burned out. Make sure you’re filling your own cup; find that ebb and flow—give and receive. This dear friends, is the real balance that we should aim for.

Cheers to embracing the ups and downs of life and finding YOUR personal balance!

Wishing you growth, understanding, and the courage to ride life’s seesaw,


                                         with love,


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