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meet krystal.

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hey, there!

I’m Krystal Jakosky.

​​I’m a teacher and writer that dreams of a world full of people who own their shit and feel free enough to encourage others to do the same.

a long time ago I realized I had been living in a box created by those around me.

The thing is – these people loved me and wanted the very best for me – and yet their vision for who I could, or should, be was theirs – not mine.

It took years of personal work and hard conversations to understand that box didn’t fit and it never would. Yes, there are certain core values and personal beliefs I hold true, and yet, I have embraced them in my own way and on my own terms.

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Two Polaroids of Krystal Jakosky as a toddler and teenager

In short, I began owning my own shit.

At times, this was a hard pill to swallow. Though the journey has been frustrating, challenging, and emotional, it’s also been incredibly empowering. By removing the blame I placed on others, and recognizing the part I played myself, I found a new compassion and understanding of myself and everyone involved.

I recognized that I was the only one who could change how I show up in this life. I recognized that the only thing that I could truly control was myself. If I was unhappy with what was going on around me, I needed to ask myself, “What am I going to do about it?”

As for all the shit I had to own? Here are five fundamental truths I’ve come to know about myself.

5. I am a super quick learner – and a great teacher.

4. I have a lot to give – and need to give just as much to myself.

3. I learned to let go of control.

2. I learned how strong and all-encompassing my emotions can be.

1. I’ve learned I am a survivor.

Want to read more? Check out my blog post,My Five Fundamental Truths.

hard truth : we create the lives we are living.

Every choice has brought us to this point. And this simple fact means we’re the only ones who can choose to get off the roller-coaster of bullshit we’ve been feeding ourselves. Owning your life experience will loosen the shackles that have held you back for so long and open you up to life’s beautiful opportunities.

Why do I do this work? Because I know deep in my bones that the world would be a much better place if everyone could own who they are and grant others the permission to do the same. I can’t promise you it will be easy – change never is. I can promise you though that it will be worth it.

Own your shit and, believe me, the rest will follow.

with love,

Polaroid of Krystal Jakosky as a teenager in pink turtle neck

as your teacher, this is what you can expect from me :


I hold myself accountable for my own choices and actions. The tools I teach you are my own guiding light and they keep me authentic in my interactions with every living being.


Healing happens best when we feel safe and nurtured. I promise to provide a grounded and accepting space for you to face the shadows and bring in light.


I look forward to meeting you exactly where you are and how you are. I encourage you to do the same while nudging you towards a stronger, more self-loving you.

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