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a lifelong student of self-ownership, a writer, and a teacher encouraging us all to rewrite our stories and transform the narrative.

take the reins of your life

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Why You’re Here:

I teach people how to own their shit so they can find more compassion through connection. How can I help you?

I want to own my shit and learn more about me.


I want to learn and grow in relationship with my partner.


I want to tap into my rhythms and take charge of my own life.


I want an individual, one-on-one learning experience.


I don’t quite know what I want. Can you still help?

Who I Am

All my life I’ve been a sponge soaking up every opportunity to learn and grow mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, you name it. Some experiences were simple nudges and course corrections, others were painfully transformational offering a new way to engage with the world around me.  It all comes full circle as I assist others on their own paths towards love and healing. Along the way, I’ve learned:

  • I’m a strong survivor and I can heal my unseen wounds replacing pain with peace and love.
  • The vast range of my all-encompassing emotions are a gift to help me know when something needs a bit of love and attention.
  • Embracing the wild ride of life is WAY more enjoyable than attempting to control it.
  • Taking care of my own needs first means I’ll be able to love, nurture and assist those around me. 

By being open with my journey and embracing everything I’ve learned, I’m able to help others find the ease, awareness, and freedom possible through taking ownership of their own lives. Let’s journey together and make this world a more loving, accepting, and compassionate place.

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Her contagious energy alone will amplify your emotions and will leave you feeling happier than when you arrived.”

Andy S.

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Read, Listen, Watch.

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When Preparation Meets Opportunity – Magic Happens.

The “Law of Attraction” frequently gets misinterpreted as nothing more than just a judgmental way to tell someone that they’re responsible for all the hardships and challenges in their life. I like to think of it a little differently.

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Lewy Body Podcast

18: Reflecting on End of Life Planning and Finding Peace

Today, we delve into the importance of self-care, tough conversations, and the decisions that come with caregiving. I share my personal experiences and insights around extending life versus extending the quality of life. We talk about the sometimes

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Video: Reverend Krystal Jakosky @ Living Water Unity

Recently I had the pleasure of speaking at Living Water Unity, and I must say they are an incredible group of people and community! Tune into this video to see my talk 🙂 Throughout the talk I discuss the idea of understanding and embracing your heritage and how it shapes your individuality,

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think meditation is hard? think again.

Breathe In, Breathe Out is a weekly podcast hosted by yours truly, Krystal Jakosky.

Each week, we release a brand new lesson or meditation focused on helping you navigate your life by giving you the tools to become your own healer – from building self-esteem and learning how to practice self-care to uncovering some of those not-so-pretty parts within us that hold us back from being our truest selves.

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