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the beam and bell.

a healing space outside Boulder, CO

feed your soul and calm your mind at

The Beam and Bell.

The Beam and Bell provides a space for you to step away from the demands of everyday life so you can focus on you. This incredible 1,400-square-foot studio in rural Boulder County features:

  • An activity room to practice self-care
  • Large communal room for bigger groups and classes
  • Kitchen and an ADA-compliant restroom
  • Meditation garden with a meditation labyrinth, zen garden, grotto, fire pit, and more surrounded by the natural beauty unique to Colorado


It’s a beautiful spot, and so much more than that. The Beam and Bell holds the space for the culmination of years of experience of spiritual healing and intuitive living.

Self Care Community Room At Beam And Bell With Comfy Stools and Ornate Rugs

what’s in a name?

The beam is a strong support structure; when properly constructed, it can hold nearly anything. For you, this is your body and, hanging upon it, is the bell—your energy, your spirit. Though delicate and susceptible to changes in the environment, the bell is secure and always there. Whether it rings softly, loudly, or not at all is in direct relation to how you care for it and encourage it to grow.

Heart shaped rock pathway in mediation garden with wood elephant

lose track of time and find yourself in

The Meditation Garden

The meditation garden at The Beam and Bell invites you to indulge in deep relaxation and discovery. The weight of the world falls away, and you feel the urge to let go, to breathe deeply, to surrender.

The garden is the start of a true, nourishing self-care practice, a safe space where you’ll have the opportunity to connect with your inner truth and love.

Click each image below to explore each and every part of this magical garden!

the treehouse

Children recognize the magic of a treehouse. It’s a peaceful escape where they create their own world as they connect with the trees, the wind, the sky. That magic holds true for adults, too.

Climb up and embrace your quiet time in the canopy. Allow the rolling clouds and rustling leaves to mesmerize you as you take a nap in the treehouse hammock hanging over the creek below.

the labyrinth

Consider the challenges you’re facing, the problems you’re trying to solve, the barriers you’re striving to overcome. Speak it from your heart, ask for clarity and understanding, then take the first step on your journey to the center.

You can relax knowing there’s only one way in and one way out. When you reach the center, be still for a moment and welcome the insight and peace as it flows to you. Take your time and when you’re ready, begin the journey back out, and be inspired to take similar steps forward in your own life.

the grotto

A cave offers protection and comfort, like an embrace from Mother Earth herself. Here where it’s cool and protected, you’ll enjoy the soothing sound of the fountain. Breathe deeply and let your mind match the tone of the grotto: still, quiet, undisturbed.

the gongs

Brought to the meditation garden all the way from Thailand, the gongs offer an opportunity to play with sound and vibration. Play them yourself, with youthful joy, contributing to the many sounds that make this garden unique. Or stand behind the large one while Krystal plays it and let the sound vibrate through you. Step away from the gongs feeling grounded, deeply connected to your surroundings, and open to new understanding.

the tea house

This is your private indoor sanctuary, protected from the elements and delightfully peaceful. Set the water to boil as you decorate your cup with your positive intentions. Open the doors and gaze out over the meditation garden, or close them as you journal or color. Rest, practice yoga, or sit in stillness as you sip your tea.

the patio of perspective

Sit on the patio and take in the majesty of the Rocky Mountains, appreciating their ancient wisdom, the life they breathe into countless species of wildlife, and the opportunity they give us to pause and stand in awe of their grandeur.

With your focus on the mountains, you’re transported to a place of simplicity and ease. Life feels more manageable. You realize you’re in charge, empowered to direct your life the way you want it to go.

the raking garden

Raking patterns into this sand garden helps you clear your mind and embrace the moment. Each step and stroke encourages a meditation on being present in the here and now while creating designs to express your heart. Leave your creation on the landscape. Take your time. Let it emerge.

Shut the world out and invite the peace in.

the reflection room

Inside the studio, the reflection room provides a safe space to are no rules about what it means to be an “adult” in here—you’re free to embrace your childlike wonder and sense of peace. Rest, process, journal, color, play a singing bowl or curl up with a giant teddy bear. Enjoy the freedom of being a kid again.