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personal retreat.

an individual session wtih Krystal Jakosky

let me ask you a question.

Are you ready to break those patterns holding you back from your most authentic life?

Our experiences create patterns and habits which help or hinder us throughout life. Some of them are blessings which keep us safe and others become weights holding us back from realizing our greatest potential. It’s time to shine a light into the past to heal the wounds and move forward into a strong and confident future.

During a Personal Retreat, you’ll learn the tools to rewrite your narrative.

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“Krystal is amazing at what she does! So grounded and intuitive. I've worked with her to clear past trauma and to identify future directions. She is loving and accepting of everyone. She walked me through a mandala release ceremony that I continue to use at home when I identify another negative pattern that I want to release.

Kip K.

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What You’ll Learn

Each Personal Retreat is a uniquely personal experience. This is your opportunity to dig out the weeds and reclaim a piece of your heart and soul.

Together we will uncover your three biggest challenges and then you will learn how to change them from painful weights to supporting gifts. Additionally, you’ll:

  • Understand that you have the power to transform your own life
  • Identify and clear the blockages of the past so you can move forward in life more confident, clear, and whole
  • Critically assess and take ownership of the choices you’ve made in the past
  • Change the stories you tell yourself that no longer serve you
  • Learn how to own your shit and stop placing blame on others
  • Learn how to take the process home so you can continue clearing patterns as they present

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The Experience

This is a full-day experience with up to four hours of 1:1 with Krystal. Together, you’ll move in between guided meditations, journaling, deep reflection, and discussion.

A guided meditation helps to reveal the patterns of the past, your mandala ceremony clears them out, and a transformational fire ceremony releases the old while celebrating and inviting in the new.

Before or after your session, you have the opportunity to spend time exploring The Beam and Bell’s meditation garden–a beautiful space that includes a raking garden, treehouse, meditation labyrinth, grotto, gongs, and so much more. Here, your time is completely your own with several activities, inside and out, to choose from.


What You’ll Get

  • Up to four hours of individual time with Krystal
  • Full-day (eight hour) access to the meditation gardens
  • Guided meditations, handouts, and journaling prompts
  • Mandala process and ceremony
  • Transformational fire ceremony
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Investment $795

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Ready to change those stories you tell yourself?

This gift to yourself is the gift that keeps on giving. You’ll find another pattern and know you have the ability to turn it around and find strength through the experience. Life will never be the same, in the best way possible.

So, what are you waiting for?

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frequently asked questions

Wear any comfortable clothing you would like. Layers are beneficial, in case you get warm or cold. Slippers or warm socks are highly encouraged. You may use the gardens to journal any insights, thoughts, and feelings from your experiences. A journal will be provided, or feel free to bring your own. You’re also welcome to bring a favorite blanket, pillow, or personal object for additional comfort.

Comfortable. Inviting. Peaceful. [See for yourself.]

Our shoeless facility offers plenty of rugs to cushion your step, and large windows bring the outside in. My office features a comfortable couch and a deliciously soothing rug along with soft blankets. In the large meeting room, blankets, pillows, cushions, and back supports are available for your comfort, which is important to facilitate deeper healing. We also have spring water and a selection of teas.

This is your journey. You’re the leader, and, in the end, you’ll determine how effective these sessions are. I’m here to facilitate your transformation, but you’re always in control. During our sessions, you’ll learn techniques and other skills, which are tools you can take with you for life.

Clients who apply the tools regularly experience lifelong benefits, which are outlined in many of my reviews and testimonials.

I do not align with any specific Religion, and I openly accept and honor all beliefs.

I believe we often use different vocabulary to express similar ideas; for example, some Religions refer to the Holy Spirit while others speak to Spiritual Guides.

Because our sessions are aimed at connecting you to your soul and personal inner guides, you are free to explore this concept and find peace with it in a way that speaks to you and aligns with your own beliefs.