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Krystal Jakosky is a teacher and writer based in Colorado helping people take ownership of their own lives.

As a public speaker, Krystal gives her audiences tangible tips, tactics, and tools to become their own magic pill. Through personal stories and hard truths, Krystal gives her listeners a healthy push in the right direction and motivates them to step into a more authentic, fulfilling life.

Hear Krystal Speak:

Krystal Jakosky in teal shirt on stage with red curtain

keynote topics include :

  • Why self-care is a critical necessity, NOT a luxury
  • Why you’re NEVER alone and how you can tap into a Divine Guide anywhere and anytime
  • The value of communicating clearly for healthy relationships, and how to do it
  • Why it’s important to change the stories we tell ourselves
  • Caregiving and the importance of End of Life planning

keynote topics include :

  • Owning Your Shit
  • Tapping into the Rhythms of Life Beating Burnout
  • What Self-Care Really Means and Why It’s Crucial
  • How to Change the Stories You Tell Yourself
  • Communicating Authentically for Healthier Relationships

Krystal is perfect for :

  • Personal development workshops
  • Small or large corporate or nonprofit groups
  • Staff retreats and professional development
  • Wellness conferences, panels and events
  • Podcast interviews
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