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an in-person course by Krystal Jakosky

let me ask you a question.

Are you ready to tap into the rhythms influencing your life?

Think about your favorite season. Are you a die-hard football or hockey fan? Do you love summer break and the freedom from school? How about winter skiing? Maybe you live for the harvest season.

We experience so many more cycles and seasons than we’re ever fully aware of. When you think about it, everything has a rhythm. Your sleep/wake cycle, hunger, personal or work projects, emotional ups and downs, our energy, hormones…the list goes on.

Understanding your own flow helps you better navigate and plan. It means you know when you need a little more rest or will have some extra energy to complete that challenging project. It means you’re no longer surprised at a bad day and can maximize the good ones.

It’s time to tune into your own SacredPulse®.

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What You’ll Learn

In this course, you will:

  • Learn how to find, map, and tune into the rhythms you’re most affected by.
  • Discover ways to nurture yourself through every part of the cycle.
  • Join a community of people shifting mentality and creating acceptance.
  • Connect deeper with yourself and learn how to fill your own needs.
  • Experience guided meditations and activities designed to help you succeed in learning and applying the SacredPulse® concepts.

*Please, note: Krystal Jakosky is not a certified counselor. The lessons taught in this course are in no way meant to replace the advice of an accredited therapist or any other health professional.

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I recently did a SacredPulse® Weekend with Krystal at the Beam and Bell. It was perfect. Krystal was queer and gay-friendly the end of the weekend, I had a better understanding of my personal patterns and I learned how to better adapt to them. I learned how I could better prepare for work, projects, working with specific people and how to better prepare myself for anxiety and depression.

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What You’ll Get

  • Four full (seven-hour) days of in-person instruction, meditation, group discussions, and introspective journaling
  • Four catered lunches
  • 110+ page SacredPulse® workbook featuring journaling prompts, coloring pages, a tracking calendar, and more
  • A swag bag featuring journals, branded merchandise, stickers, and more
  • Unlimited snacks, coffee, and tea to fuel you throughout the day
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Investment $1,695

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Register Now for SacredPulse®.

SacredPulse® helps you identify and understand your own personal pulse and rhythms. From this empowered space you can learn how to play to your strengths and empower your weaknesses.

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frequently asked questions

This course is for anyone and everyone ready to gain insight into their own rhythms and pulses. The connection to self is invaluable and can be life-changing and eye-opening. Every single human being is subject to personal and earthly patterns.

*Please, note: Krystal Jakosky is not a certified counselor. The lessons taught in this course are in no way meant to replace the advice of an accredited therapist or any other health professional.

If you have ever noticed there’s a rhythm to some of the things you experience and do…this course is for you. Seeing the pattern means you can learn to understand and then prepare for the next time it happens. If you’re ready to smooth out the ups and downs and embrace the ebbs and flows of your life, it’s time to sign up for the next available course.

This is your journey. You’re the leader, and, in the end, you’ll determine how effective the course is. I’m here to facilitate your transformation, but you’re always in control. During this course, you’ll learn techniques and other skills, which are tools you can take with you for life.

Clients who apply the tools regularly experience lifelong benefits, which are outlined in many of my reviews and testimonials.

I do not align with any specific Religion, and I openly accept and honor all beliefs.

I believe we often use different vocabulary to express similar ideas; for example, some Religions refer to the Holy Spirit while others speak to Spiritual Guides.

Because the work we do together is aimed at connecting you to your soul and personal inner guides, you are free to explore this concept and find peace with it in a way that speaks to you and aligns with your own beliefs.

We encourage a water bottle, comfy socks, and any additional items you’d like for your own encouragement and comfort. You will receive a journal and workbook to capture your thoughts and insights, so you may choose to bring your own favorite writing utensil. We also have pillows, blankets, snacks, and supplies for a delicious cup of tea. 

Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions so we can support your nutritional needs.

As of right now, we offer this course in Boulder County, Colorado. We look forward to offering the course in other areas and locations across the United States. Stay tuned for more course information coming soon.

You don’t want to miss a minute of this amazing course. We do our absolute best to start and stop on time in order to respect everyone’s time. The course builds upon itself, so you would miss crucial information if you miss any day.

This is a chance to invest in yourself. Don’t short change what you deserve and need.