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Partner Stretching


June 17, 2023




The Beam and Bell
Lafayette, Colorado


10:00 am - 11:30 am

Join Krystal Jakosky for a beginner-friendly series of yoga-inspired poses geared towards helping you and your partner, or friend, connect deeper. The morning will begin with guided stretches which will be followed by a guided meditation. During the last half hour, guests are invited to explore the relaxing self-care opportunities the garden has to offer. No experience necessary – all you need is an open mind and a friend to share it with! *One ticket per partnership

Why You Should Attend

Stretching with a partner is a perfect way to emotionally connect, mentally build trust, and physically release any stress you happen to be holding. Knowing someone has your back literally helps you release pent up emotions. Relying on someone to help support you, builds trust and strengthens your bond. Physical touch improves moods and increases vitality.

What To Bring
  • Water
  • Partner (Romantic or Not!)
  • Yoga Mat or Blanket
  • An Open Mind!
  • We will provide extra blankets and supplies if you forget anything!
  • Optional: A snack to picnic with in the Gardens and a journal to capture your impressions from the morning.

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