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I Want to Ride My Bicycle

A while ago my husband and I were watching the TV show Scrubs and a statement made by one of the characters struck a chord with me.

“Write down what you’re good at and what you suck at.
Not so anyone else can see it, but so that YOU can see it.”

I don’t remember which character yet I do remember the emotion behind it. One was struggling with self-esteem and this comment was the other’s effort to cheer them up and help them see their value as human beings.



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I love the concept.

Take a moment and write down what you’re really good at.

If you struggle in the beginning start with the simple stuff:

Staying alive.

Walking from point A to point B.



Just keep adding and writing.

And don’t feel restricted to plain lined paper. Get messy and creative. Use BIG letters and little letters. Curly and BOLD. Have fun with it.

And keep adding.

As you go through the day you’ll come up with more thoughts and ideas. Perhaps a conversation will spark a new thread to pull on.




Riding a bike. (Terrifies me to this day. Would probably go on my “Needs work” list.)

Tying knots.

Let it be an opportunity to celebrate yourself. Everything you have learned throughout life along with the time and efforts it took to gain experience.

And when you’re done post it in a place you can always see it. A bathroom mirror. Kitchen Refrigerator. Maybe you take each item and make little papers to go all around the house. Little reminders of who you are and how amazing you have become. Stick one to your laptop or your phone. Maybe you paste one to your driver’s license so you see it whenever you need your ID.

🎵 I want to ride my Bicycle 🎶 03

While the quote says, …“what you suck at”, I’d like to change the sentiment.

We all have parts of ourselves we’re not fully in love with. Some physical features, an attitude, or lack of skill in a specific area.

I say we write this list as things we would love to improve. Write them down. Look at them as opportunities for growth instead of things to beat ourselves up with. Maybe word them as such. For example:

I’d love to improve my memory of names when I meet someone.

I want to work my patience when life feels out of my control.

I want to learn how to breathe deeper and meditate.

I want to ride my bike and not crash.

Make the list as full as you’d like and then next time something comes up you can add it to the list of “I’d like to improve”. And when you feel ready pick one off the list and totally change the statement to one of action.

I am improving my memory of names. I find associations and they come easier.

I am more patient in life. I count to ten to take a moment before I jump into reactionary behaviors.

I am breathing deeper. I find moments to let go and find peace in just being present.

I ride my bike with skill. And look damn sexy doing it.

In making lists and looking at them as opportunities we can change our mindset from one of oppression and frustration to one of the heart-felt possibilities.

Putting these things onto paper makes them goals.

Goals are inherently achievable.

May you achieve all you set out to do and may you improve in ways you never realized you could.


                                         with love,


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