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The Gardens Spotlight: The Tea House

Have you ever just sat and enjoyed a cup of tea? 


I mean, not just drank it passively while scrolling through Instagram, but really took a moment to enjoy it? 


I have, and it’s simply magical – if you allow it to be. The liquid slides down your throat and warms your whole body, the feeling of the mug nestled in your hand gives you the perfect little hug, the subtle aromatic hint of spice gently inviting you to take just. one. more. sip. 




If it’s not obvious already, I’m a big fan of tea. 


When we started the process of building the meditation garden here at the Beam and Bell, I just knew a tea house would help make it complete. My intention was to create a space to serve as a reminder for my clients to take a moment to stop and smell the roses (or, in this case, drink the tea). 


The tea house is your private indoor sanctuary, protected from the elements. Set the water to boil as you decorate your cup with your positive intentions. 


If you choose to open the doors during your visit, you’ll find a beautiful view of the meditation gardens before the majestic Rocky Mountains. Or, close the doors to the outside world and relish in the opportunity to have a moment truly to yourself. 

Your journey of healing and transformation is your own, and I help facilitate it at The Beam and Bell. The meditation garden and our many healing spaces were designed to support that journey for you. Close your eyes and let your spirit guide you toward the ones that will best serve your growth, inner peace, and clarity. Contact me when you’re ready to embark; I’ll be waiting for you.

DSC00381 1


Tea House 3

Tea House 4


                                         with love,


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