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What does the word “just” mean to you?

It’s just stress.

I’m just emotional.

It’s just…

I had an insight into this word and I’ll be working on changing my vocabulary.

A friend commented on how I looked tired and asked if there was anything I needed or anyway they could help support me. It was a sweet and tender moment and my response was “I’m just stressed. It’s fine. I’ll be Ok.”

A couple of days later I found I was crying as I crawled into bed for the night. My concerned husband asked if I was okay and I replied with “I’m just emotional.” Instead of validating my own experience and expressing what I was feeling, I brushed off the moment, blew my nose, and snuggled down for much needed rest.

The next day I was sitting in meditation and asking my guides what I needed to know, see or learn. This word floated strongly in front of my mind’s eye. 

I’m just this…just that…

It truly minimizes and invalidates what we’re going through and doing. It’s a way to say, “I’m not really worth your concern or love right now. I’ll deal with it alone.” It’s a way to avoid ownership of the moment.

At least, that’s the way I used it during this challenging experience. Brush it off. Move along. Nothing to see here. Pay attention to how you use it.

Just stress?

Medical advice tells us to reduce stress so we can live longer and healthier lives. Stress can cause heart attacks, weight gain, inability to sleep, and a myriad of other health issues. Just stress can literally kill. 

Just emotional? 

Emotions tell us when there is something we need to address. Perhaps talking it through or journaling to get it out would encourage better sleep. What need do we need to meet so we can find peace and soothe the moment? If someone’s asking, they’re likely offering to help, or at least be a loving support while you release what needs to be seen.

I was networking with some fantastic people I really wanted to collaborate with and caught myself four different times. Each time I recognized how “just” was an effort to reduce my abilities, hard work, hopes, dreams.

I just did a bunch of research. Really? That can be mind numbing and discouraging or immensely gratifying when you find your answer!

I just took a drive (A nap, read a book, made some food). Wow! Congrats on recognizing you needed some self-care!

I just lost my beloved…(pet, loved one, plant). Holy crap, that must be difficult. I’m sad to hear of your loss.

I just…. Fill in the blank.

It may take a while and I’m looking forward to how my thinking changes when I stop using “just” and start being more intentional about owning my truth.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I use “just” as a filler word and it doesn’t carry as much weight in avoiding ownership. My personal goal is to be more aware of when I use it to deny my own needs and support.

Journaling Prompts:
  1. Make a list of words you frequently use. Do you recognize a hidden meaning behind any of them?
  2. How can you alter your vocabulary to be more true to your authentic thoughts and emotions?
  3. Did you see any additional lessons in the experience by the lake? Journal about them.


                                         with love,


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