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Thrills and Spills: Embracing Life’s Unexpected Changes

Roller coasters… doesn’t life feel like one sometimes? There are ups and downs, fun times and terrifying ones. But you know what? Life really is like our very own amusement park, filled with millions of different rides. The beauty of it? We get to walk up and pick the ride we want to be on right now – exhilarating, right?

Sometimes, life gets us spinning like those teacups. Before we know it, we’re spinning and spinning, akin to plates on top of a stick. Once we’ve had enough, we step off – perhaps a little dizzy – but oh so grateful for the solid ground beneath our feet. At other times, it’s as easy as the Dumbo ride – smooth sailing, predictable and downright calming.

But, oh the thrill of it all. Remember that terrifying roller coaster from your childhood? The one with the loop de loops that would take you up high, pause for a heart-stopping second and then nosedive, almost vertically? That’s life too, filled with twists, turns and occasional stomach-lurching moments. But hey, we chose this ride, didn’t we?

Think of the decision to have kids – an adventure in its own right! The twists and turns, the overwhelming moments paired with the undiluted joy and laughter. Friendships and relationships can be like those water rides, unpredictable and emotionally charged, and can  teach us resilience as we wipe off the water from our faces and keep going.

Life really is like a roller coaster. Sometimes, the ride we choose leaves us soaked to the bone and perhaps, in a bad mood. But remember, every rider gets a respite – a chance to enjoy a sweet treat, play a game and take a breather before jumping on the next big thrill.

So, I ask you, what’s your ride like right now? Keep in mind, you always have the power to choose a different ride. I’m rooting for you, and I hope that your roller coaster is smooth and easy.


                                         with love,


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