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Winter Shift


There’s a shift coming.

Can you feel it?

There’s a hope. A joy. An anticipation of things to come.

It’s like an invitation just waiting to be accepted.

A shiver of excitement. Newness.

It’s a little like watching a baby chick coming out of its shell.

You see a hole. 

And while it seems tiny, it means big things.

There’s life inside. It needs to struggle to break free. That struggle is what ensures the being inside will be able to survive. It brings strength and confidence. The trial, in and of itself, builds the necessary muscle to help them through life. That little chick pushes and tries and works so hard. It takes breaks to regroup and build more energy to continue the fight for freedom.


I feel like the seasons of the Earth do the same thing. We go through one season and as we begin to acknowledge and embrace the changes to come, there are just one or two more extremes to remind you of the season you’re exiting. 

Like winter.

You’ve gone through this season of shorter days and colder weather. It’s been a time for introspection and survival. And when you finally cross the solstice and the days begin to get longer there’s a new feeling in the air.

I SO look forward to the warmer days, being outdoors, feeling the weather on my skin, and the sun on my face. It seems everything slowly starts to become greener and life is poking out of its hibernation. And just as I’m dreaming of sitting on the patio to read a book, write or sip a beverage we get one more snow to remind us of the introspection era we are exiting.

As a world, we are beginning to exit a year-long winter. We’ve been pushed inside and unable to connect with loved ones and coworkers the way we would truly like to. Some of us have enjoyed the support of our introverted selves and others have struggled with needing contact and socialization. 

We’re making that little hole to breathe and will be working hard to break free from the confines of our shells. 

If we take a minute to look back I’m sure we’ll all find gifts and blessings from the last year of trials. We can embrace the lessons and take them forward, applying them to our lives. The importance of self-care comes to mind. 

For me? The late reminders of a long winter echo the importance of being mindful as I move forward. The past winter brought a lot of personal growth and understanding. I had so many new realizations. Some of my lessons were easy and quick to apply to my life. Others were more challenging, requiring thoughtful perseverance to shift habits and thinking. As the world begins to stretch their arms and legs it would be easy to slide back into past patterns. Thought processes. Behaviors.

This snow. A cold snap. They are an opportunistic reminder. If I choose to listen they become guideposts keeping me moving in my new direction. Brief gifts and touchtones. What do I want to accomplish this spring while still honoring my own needs and growth? How would I like to continue creating winterlike moments of introspection to feed my soul through the coming seasons and months?

Yeah, there’s a shift.

It’s huge.

It’s like we’re all waking up and ready to run. Open the gate and see what we can do. We’re ready to discard that heavy shell and spread our wings. We’ve got a little time to dry off and fluff our feathers. Feel out our legs and see how and where we stand. There will be naps, pauses, and respite along the way. Growth can be exhausting. Change can be scary. And yet it’s all worth it.

I pray we embrace change in this worldwide human spring. I pray the sun shines brighter because our hearts are more open. I’m excited to see where we go and what we can all do.


In love.

The best way to change the world is to change ourselves. Let’s become more authentic beings. Own our own shit so we’re less bothered by others. Give ourselves the very compassion we crave.




Journal Prompts:

  1. What changes do you feel/have you experienced?
  2. What ones are you most excited about?
  3. What have you let go of and released over this year-long winter?
  4. And what are you happy about carrying into spring?




                                         with love,


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