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It’s all a work in progress.


I write as a way to digest my life experiences. 


know there are people out there having similar experiences. 


I hope, by sharing, we can all feel a little more connected and less alone. I seek to find unity and strength in understanding we’re not all that different. We all have trying times and emotional mountains to climb. We get stuck in the mud and need a little help to gain freedom. 


We have moments of joy and elation followed by the mundane continuance of life. Or the fall after the euphoria to climb out of and endure.


Sometimes we’re able to climb out on our own. And yet others, we need support as we work through a particular challenge. It’s a healing experience when they’re able to see a solution we hadn’t thought about or shine a light in corners to chase off the boogeymen. 


And if I’m totally honest…sometimes they remind us of our tools to process and improve the entire situation.


You see, I live what I teach. I am constantly learning and growing. I share and write hoping I can inspire others while applying the lessons I’ve learned to the wounds I work to heal. When I’m inspired and happy and grateful, that’s the musing you receive. If I’m struggling a little, you get a glimpse into the inspiration for resolution.


Some subjects I’m more confident and direct on. I live them more and truly embody them as ways to process and better myself and my relationships.


Other subjects I’m just learning through intuition and experience. I seek to learn more as I share and in writing and expressing, inspirations and answers come. I speak to people and get input, do some research, seek a connection with my Spirit Guides to find a path to clarity and understanding. 


It is all a process. And this process does not end. 


We learn. We apply what we learn. We adjust. And we learn some more.


What works with one situation doesn’t always work with another. Having multiple tools means you can try, try again.


In the beginning, I’d try a tool here and another one there. They were all so new and I was so excited to play around with what worked for me. How can I improve here? How can I tweak there? From verbal communication to fire ceremonies and tuning into my Spirit Guides, everything felt so right and good. Life was easier and smoothing out. The tools were working and I sought out even more. My question was always, “How can I be better?” 


And even now, there are moments I struggle. 


I hit road bumps.


And on occasion, I’ll receive a nudge from a colleague asking if I’ve tried this or that. Which, inevitably, I haven’t. And once I apply it, clouds part and sun shines through.


I am a teacher. This simple statement also means I am a student. I have to learn in order to adequately bring across the inspirations and knowledge I have received.


Each of my musings is about my personal life experience. They are insights into how I can apply my understanding and continue moving towards self-mastery. I am not a guru. I pray people are able to relate to me and my experiences and see how their life has many of the same challenges. 


As I learn and grow, day by day, I am constantly working to know myself. Who am I? Where have I come from and where do I choose to go? What is my passion and drive? And how can I achieve personal fulfillment and joy?


Every moment can bring about a different answer to each of these questions. Every interaction and choice can alter the path and create a new leg of the journey. Succeeding in one area opens another one to explore. 


You have keys, tools, and truths you can employ. You can seek new concepts and insights to expand your knowledge. And the more you work with them, the easier it gets to keep going. 


We all have the opportunity to choose in. We can be nudged around in life by all of the external forces pushing upon us, or we can go inside to understand ourselves better. We can be proactive in what helps us feel more loved, accepted, and confident in our own personal journeys.


I hope you’re constantly adding to your toolbox. I encourage you to seek personal understanding and growth. I pray you’re able to heal the past and embrace the possibilities of a future you are consciously and intentionally choosing into.


May you feel the connection we all have through the human experience. And I pray my experiences and challenges are an inspiration and light in these ever-challenging times.


                                         with love,


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