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113: Oracle Reading: Embracing Leadership and Healing Through Communication

In this enlightening episode, Krystal shares a powerful Oracle card reading for listeners, guiding them on a journey of self-discovery, truth, and leadership. Discover how connecting with the energies of Grandfather Sky, the Talking Stick, and the Elder can help you embrace your inner truth, communicate authentically, and step into a leadership role. Join Krystal as she offers insights and practical advice on how to find balance, heal through communication, and make a positive impact on others by becoming a beacon of light. This episode serves as a beautiful reminder that our authentic expression can lead us to a fulfilling and purpose-driven life.

Breathe In, Breathe Out is a weekly mindfulness and meditation podcast hosted by yours truly, Krystal Jakosky. Each week, we’ll release a brand new lesson or meditation focused on helping you navigate your life by giving YOU the tools to become your own healer.

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