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137: Embracing the Oracle: Tuning into Your Inner World

Don’t you just love the shifting seasons? In this video I share my deep love for the shifting seasons and how we can learn from the natural ebbs and flows of life. Tune in as I discuss the joys of autumn, the introspective nature of winter, and how we can use this time to truly rejuvenate ourselves. But, it’s not all just cozy walks and crunchy leaves, we talk about the pressure of holiday expectations. I’ll be providing practical tips on how to tune into your own heart, master the powerful word ‘no’, and deal with the social stress of the holiday season. I also share my thought-provoking insights drawn from nature, like the impactful story of the Californian redwoods. Remember, this season isn’t just about everyone else – it’s about you too. Let’s explore together how we can truly honor ourselves during this time of the year.

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