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16: Unexpected Causes of Death in Lewy Body

In this deeply personal episode of “Lewy Body and Mindful Caregiving”, I tackle the realities and complexities of caring for my mom who is battling Lewy Body dementia. I take you on a journey that confronts the often-unspoken truth about managing the disease’s decline and the unpredictability of what finally leads to the end of life.

I recount my struggles with balancing the pursuits of prolonging my mom’s life with preserving her overall well-being and quality of life. Sharing my mom’s end-of-life wishes and our conversations about mortality, I hope to shed more light on these difficult topics which we often try to avoid.

As a caregiver, the importance of self-care and seeking moments of joy becomes apparent. The idea of finding joy in activities such as laughter and dance is something I share with you, hoping it can resonate and provide solace to other caregivers in similar situations.

In this episode, I aim to educate my listeners about the finer nuances of caring for someone with Lewy Body dementia. It’s important for caregivers to understand its symptoms, but also its cumulative effects on both the patient and ourselves as caregivers. My goal is to highlight the necessity of respecting our loved ones’ desires and dignity at each stage of this challenging journey.

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