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98: Backseat Driver Meditation

Last week we discussed the idea of “backseat drivers” and the people in our lives who attempt to guide our life. Sometimes, these people have your best interest at heart, and other times; they do not. I created this meditation to help you become the driver of your own bus. So, sit back and enjoy the ride.


Think meditation is hard. Do me a favor, take a slow deep breath in and now breathe out.

Congratulations, you just meditated. Hi, I’m Crystal Kakowski and this is Breathe In. Breathe out a weekly guided meditation podcast for anyone ready to own their own shit and find some peace while doing it.

I recently had an experience with a friend and he made the comment, you are the bus and all of the people on it want to be the drivers. And it’s akin to listening to the other voices that we hear all the time. You’re not good enough, you’re this, you’re that, that keep hold us back and keep us small. And it was very heartwarming and delightful for me to dive into that rabbit hole mentally for myself. And I thought that I would bring it to you as a guided meditation so that you can now look at all of those passengers on the bus and maybe we kick one off, maybe we find one that is not so helpful and beneficial and we let them know that they can leave and we leave them in the middle of the road somewhere out in the middle of nowhere. So without further ado, I hope that you find nice comfortable space where you will not be interrupted, not driving. I need you to be stationary in a cozy, comfy location so that you can let go for the next few minutes and experience your bus so you’re settled in.

Close your eyes, take a nice deep breath in, and then slowly let it out all the way before you slowly inhale again, taking in that air, filling up your lungs. And then exhale your next deep breath. You feel the surface supporting you, holding you, cradling you. As you exhale, relax, let your body sink into the surface. You keep breathing deeply, allowing every part of your body to release. As you think further, you breathe easier. Your belly fills and expands as you fill your lungs even more. Life giving oxygen is then spread throughout your body as you relax. In this moment, we’ll start a scan at the top of your head, your scalp tingling. Breathe into that space and feel everything begin to melt as you breathe in. And exhale all of the stress and the tension that you’ve been holding. And with your next breath in, we’re going to start moving down your forehead. This beautiful space that expresses so many emotions. You feel it relax and let go. Stress melts away as you continue breathing deep, those spots. And as you exhale, all of that tension melts away, releases you keep moving down your nose.

Your lips, your chin, everything smooths out, releases as you breathe into those muscles. And that next deep breath goes into the base of your head where your head and neck come together and all of those muscles that hold your head up and turn it around so that you can see and take in the world around you. Those muscles finally get to let go see them. Smoothing, relaxing. As you move down, down, down your neck and out your shoulders. They carry so much. Take a nice deep breath and feel them rise a little bit. And as you exhale, they release their tension and they sink further into the support you keep breathing in. Scanning down your arms, past your elbows, down your forearms. Get to your wrists. You may need to roll them a little to let them release. Tense your fist a little and on the exhale release, stretch your fingers out and let them rest at peace. Read More

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