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Answering Advice Seekers Questions

First, I want to thank you for your wonderful replies and suggestions. I have quite a list and am looking forward to the inspiration that comes in response to your requests.

By now, you know I’m a storyteller, so I won’t be able to answer them all in one email. I will, however, make an effort to touch on every one of them and I encourage you to keep sending the thoughts in. I’m always happy to have extra inspiration and know it’s truly helping those who need it most<3

A couple of people asked about boundaries and healthy relationships. One asked about boundaries with family or friends who continually push you to break them, and another asked more about healthy limits with yourself.

These are intertwined and fully relate to each other, and I have a visual for you.

Picture a castle wall. This wall was built for protection from outside forces. How high are the walls? Is there a moat? Have you manned the walls with sentinels to watch for anything attempting to breach the protective barrier?

It will only do you a little good if the walls are 18 inches high; people will be able to hop right over them. Having a moat makes it more difficult for people to push right up against them. Placing sentinels, or being aware of things that are coming, helps you to plan your defense. Do you need long-range ability or hand-to-hand training?

Your walls, or boundaries, are your own. No one else can man them and protect the precious resources inside. Whether these are boundaries against others, or yourself, awareness is key.

You know which family members or friends are more likely to push. What actions can you take in preparation for being around them? What sentinels do you need to employ? Think, ponder and meditate before you engage. How can you remove the power from them and place it back in your own hands?

This is easily applicable to yourself too. What limits are you placing on yourself and why? Are they of your own choosing and for positive benefit? If so, how can you support yourself in embracing positive change? 

YOU have the power. And not only that, you’re not alone. You have spirit guides and a Higher Power ready to support you in living your best life. Tap into them and let them help guide your way.

Regardless, awareness is key. Awareness of the temptations and challenges you will face means you can adequately prepare for your most desirable outcome. Please don’t leave it to chance. Having a response ready to go before you even have a confrontation means you’ll be more solid and confident in protecting your stronghold.

Here are a couple more specific examples of how to beef up your sentinels.

Say you want to cut something out of your diet that you know isn’t serving you. Building your castle walls would be akin to removing them from your vicinity. Clean out your fridge and pantry. Let people around you know what you’re eliminating and ask for their support. Then place your sentinels by creating responses for when you’re confronted. “Thanks, and I’ll pass.” Or, “I noticed I feel better when I’m not eating that.” Finally, create a mantra you place around so you’ll see it and often be reminded of the intention behind your choice.

Now let’s talk about people who will push your boundaries. 

Building the walls begins with recognizing who pushes them. Then you need to take the boundaries from a line in the sand to concrete and stone. When you set a boundary, understand why you set it. How is it benefiting YOU? Picture how much healthier, emotionally, mentally, and physically, you’ll be due to honoring your own energy and needs. Verbalize it to whomever you feel needs to hear it.

We all have moments and people with which we need to set boundaries. It’s human nature to push ourselves beyond and fail to see the damage until it’s too late. The fabulous thing is that we have the power to change this behavior. Acknowledge your worth, recognize your needs and place yourself a bit higher on the priority list.

You are a finite resource. Even your phone needs a charge, and your car needs gas. So I pray you fuel up and do regular maintenance.


                                         with love,


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