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My Aquatic Massage Experience

I’m trained in Thai massage and know how healing body and energy work can be. Seeking out unique treatments and experiences is becoming a bit of a hobby of mine and recently I found a new modality I may want to train in.

We were at a resort and they had all these fancy, funky treatments; wraps, candle massages, mud facials, it was really fun to read the descriptions and names they’d come up with. One was simply titled “Aquatic Massage” and this piqued my interest. 

While their description was simple and slightly uninspiring, I was intrigued enough to see what it was all about.

Life changing decision.

Wearing your swimsuit you enter a pool heated to body temperature. Your therapist puts floaties on your calves and supports your head throughout the experience. Your job is to let go. Relax. No helping allowed. (Shocked face emoji here)

For a natural born helper I was a little concerned I’d struggle to simply receive. Can I just BE? Can I release my arms, legs and body to fully relax in the water? Can I trust him to support me and keep me safe? Did I mention I have a slight fear of drowning?!?!

After a couple of deep breaths my therapist helped me float and together we tested the waters, so to speak. He gently let me know it’s common for people to have emotional releases and to trust what comes up. He promised to hold space for me as I moved through anything presenting itself and I just needed to let him know if I needed an extra moment.

I took a few more deep breaths, closed my eyes and asked my guides for comfort and protection as I gave myself up to the experience.

Initially I was amazed at the depth of the passive stretches as he moved my body through the water. I was also surprised with how completely I let go and trusted. It was all so gentle and fluid. 

And then I cried.

Over the last couple of months I’ve had several conversations with people leading up to, and preparing me for, the opening of my Akashic records on one of my podcasts. If you don’t know what that entails I encourage you to listen to it when it comes out. (Podcast link)

In the session I asked about limiting beliefs I need to be aware of and shift. It was hard hitting, emotional and eye-opening to say the least. Each of those conversations came to mind. An acknowledgement of the preparation leading up to opening and releasing.

This aquatic experience fed right into additional healing. It built upon what I was already shifting and clearing.

I’ll try to explain.

The womb is the warmest, safest space you have ever been. So protected. Pure. Nothing is expected of you. No outside forces pushing you to change. No judgment on emotions or existence. 

You were in perfect peace.

As soon as your mother’s water broke you were subjected to pain, discomfort, fear and the constant challenge of learning and growth. The outside world will continue to confront you throughout the rest of your life.

The aquatic massage experience was like returning to that safe space. Total acceptance and release. I got to process childhood trauma while being supported by an amazing therapist. I went deeper on the Akashic records conversation, others leading up to it and ones I’ve had since. I went deeper on the why behind the limiting beliefs and found answers.

It was profound, enlightening and exciting. It was draining and filling at the same time. It was truly an experience I’d love to have again and I encourage others to find. 

Simply amazing. 

I hope you continue to explore your avenues of self-care. Find something new or return to something you loved to do as a kid and may find renewed joy as an adult. Let the discoveries surprise you 🙂


                                         with love,


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