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Will Somebody Come Be Proud of Me?

It all started as a joke.

Performing a tedious task and needing a little boost of encouragement, my cousin hollered out in a timid voice and asked, “Can somebody please come be proud of me?”

Initially we chuckled and headed over to see what she had done. 

I thought it was cute and somewhat childish. So simple and honest in the request. She was seeking reassurance, approval, comfort and encouragement which we all readily gave. She was accomplishing something slightly frustrating, solo and so very slow going. Every bit she did helped move us closer to the unified goal of completion.

Over the next month, as projects continued we would hear this plaintive cry and joyfully go provide the needed support before returning to our own activities. On occasion it would come from someone else and we’d laugh before congregating for a round of hooting, hollering, congratulations and cheering. 

It was an opportunity for a boost in morale. An opportunity for connection. And an opportunity for validation in asking for exactly what one of us needed.

My household has now adopted the simple request and I realize how truly strong and beautiful it is. While it may sound simple, there is complexity and depth.

Can someone come be proud of me?

I survived the interview.

I baked cookies and they don’t suck.

I made it through the day in spite of feeling burnt out and exhausted.

I started a new business.

I made a TikToc/Instagram/FB post.

While we may not use those particular words, we do ask for validation. Reassurance. Support. The simple fact that you’re asking means you may be insecure and questioning your ability. No matter how we ask for it, we are seeking connection. Drawing the strength to actually ask is impressive. There’s a lot of emotion wrapped up in it including hope and fear. “What if they don’t think what I’ve done is that big of a deal?” 

The thing is… It’s a big deal to YOU. And speaking up, asking for what you need is the strongest, most beautiful thing you can do.

On the other hand… sometimes we need someone to share a major accomplishment with. It’s those times we want to shout to the rooftops about something we’re thrilled with. “HEY! CHECK THIS OUT!” It’s common to want someone to share it with and give an added high-five in being proud of what you achieved.

I pray you always find that person to “come be proud of you” when you can’t quite get there yourself.

Journal prompts:
  1. What is something you are really proud of accomplishing?
  2. Who did you share it with? Is there someone else you’d like to share it with?
  3. What opportunities have you had to be proud of someone else? Are there any additional “high-fives” you’d like to connect with someone over?


                                         with love,


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