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E-Motions = Energy In Motion

I believe emotion is Energy in Motion. You can find websites talking about the Latin derivatives and how they mean exactly this, Emotion = Energy in Motion. I’m not an entomologist so I can’t decipher all of the wordiness, I just know I agree. I’ve been told I’m an “Emotional Being”, and I fully agree. I think we all are, or could be as a part of being in touch with who we are. 

Personally, I find I just have to let it out. Excitement and joy, you’ll see me bouncing, allowing a physical manifestation of the energy within my soul. I love a good laugh and release as my body jiggles and pants for air only to be plunged into another explosion of freedom. Allowing the energy of the E-motion to move through me is how I am able to feel it and move forward. 


Think about it for a minute.

A young child lacks words to verbally express what they are thinking or feeling so they fidget, run, yell, play, laugh. They let their bodies do the speaking for them. Every movement is an expression of how and where the child is in the moment.

If a kid gets hurt they pull in, they may cry, hold where they’re injured. Look at the body language and E-motion they are expressing. And then think of a child at peace and playing legos on the living room floor or the elated squeals while running around playing tag. Notice how their E-motion flows through them. 

And then there are the times we notice a shift. Their E-motion is different and signals a change in the state of being. Often, we notice this and check in to understand the need waiting to be met. The majority of the time, when we check in to gain clarity the angst and frustration can be dissipated by just sincerely asking.

As we age many of us learn to hold our E-motions back. Somewhere along the way we’re taught, it’s better to be more “even keel” than to show what we’re truly feeling. It means we’re stunted in some way. Unable to fully express ourselves in our most authentic way. And if we’re stunted, do we ever fully feel heard, or understood?

I know when I hold my E-motions in, the people around me can feel the blockage and contrast to my easier flowing self. When I’m excited and bursting with joy I simply can’t hold it in. I’ve just gotta let it out! And when I’m holding the more painful, challenging E-motions in, people give me time and space to “move through” whatever it is I’m experiencing. 

On occasion this is actually more painful; the loss of people when I truly need someone there to sit with me. I may need to talk it out and express what is happening in order to remove the weed and all of its roots. I’ve learned that Self-care is paramount at these times. And this may mean I’ve got to be the one to reach out for a little support.

I think this is a challenge for many of us, asking for help. We hit a snag and there’s a blockage, we can’t seem to move forward and we have no clue what people can do to help us. We’re stuck in the E-Motion of the moment and it feels like cement keeping us lodged in place. If we could think past our issue we may come up with something someone could help with. Yet in this moment, it’s hard enough to put one step in front of the other.


One Breath.

And then another.

I like standing in the sun, hands open, face upturned, letting the light seep into my body.


motoki tonn X00q3RXcyZ4 unsplash scaled


This is my moment… like a battery being recharged. 

My inability to see forward is my E-motion, stuck, stagnant, unable to move because of the story before me. As I leave it stuck things get harder and my energy is drained. The challenge is even bigger because I’m depleted and my reserves begin to run low too.

Taking the moment to breathe and check-in could be just the lifeline needed. You may find releasing a tear or two (hundred) comes up and you are able to find an easier path forward. Perhaps you need a giggle or hysterical laugh. Or maybe you feel the need to walk/run/move. 

The simple act of acknowledging things are hard and you need a moment is a beautiful gift to yourself. Allowing the E-motion, and giving permission for it to present can open up your capacity to move through to the other side.

Crying… Holding back all that E-motion. Eventually my dam bursts at the weight of the waters pressing. And then, after the waters recede and the E-motion is spent, I rest and regenerate.

As a little kid, holding in my excitement, I thought I’d burst. Moving in ANY way helped save me from spontaneous combustion. Ok, being honest? Even as an adult I just gotta giggle and move and let it out. And it feels so good! Making coffee for a guest can just brighten my day.

Enjoy your E-motions.

Feel how they move.

Experience them and be grateful you have such a beautiful, physical manifestation of who and how you are.

Allow yourself to be an emotional being.

E-motions are natural and amazing and engaging and…fabulous.

Let the rhythm move you.



                                         with love,


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