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A Walk in the Dark

A couple of years ago we went to Hawaii with some friends.

We had a rental right on the ocean with a bunch of tide pools out the back door.

One day I was walking on the lava rock looking at the tide pools.

The pools themselves were beautiful, filled with color and life.

The lava rock surrounding them was beautiful too in a completely opposite way.

They both spoke to me.

Life and color.

Black and death.

Very Yin/Yang

I understood the pools and the life. It comes naturally. You see what’s there. Urchins, crabs, fish, coral. They all exist in this little space of life, kissed at moments by the ocean waves and tides.

The black lava was a different experience. It was alive once. Moving, oozing, slowly snaking along the earth. It killed everything in its path. Nothing could survive the heat and destruction.

Here it had created holes and spaces for life and growth. At the same time, it was a treacherous place to be.

You walk along the black rock feeling fairly secure. Then step in the wrong place and it’s so slick it takes you down, ripping through your jeans, or flesh, leaving you nursing wounds.

Nurturing and threatening.

Then I learned how to walk in the blackness. I slowly found my way. To find sure footing where there seemed to be none. I gained confidence walking where many would say you shouldn’t.

Oddly, walking in the dark spaces allowed me to see the light more clearly. Walking through, I got to see more life. And the more dark I walked through the more life unfolded to my view.

Stay away from the dark? I say, go to it. Look in, see what’s there and find what gems of life are waiting for you.

The world is in dark times right now.

We’re all struggling in one way or another. We go through our days and they seem to run into each other. I’m sure we all hope and yearn for positive change and opportunities. A lifting of the shadow hanging over.

While I fight against the pressing down caused by Covid and the restrictions I also look for ways to stay positive and find new things to do. I check my vocabulary. When I start a sentence with “I can’t…” I stop and look for a way to rephrase the statement with a beginning of “I can…”. The same goes for “I don’t have…”, how can I change it to “I do…” or “ I am…”.

Seeking to uplift when we’re feeling down is a huge boost to our energetic vibe and emotional state. While it may seem easier to drop into the upset and frustration, bringing a little positivity will go a much longer way in brightening not only your day but the day of those around you too.

And while we’re all spreading a little light into these dark times what gems and lessons might you find?

I’ve learned how much I like a little quiet, personal time. Space to sit in silence, with a cup of tea, tuning into me and letting the world function outside of my little world. I’ve learned how much I cherish one on one time to connect on a deeper level with friends and loved ones. I crave knowledge, growth, and sharing life.

For as long as I can remember people have commented on what a social creature I am, how I’m so outgoing, etc. I’ve always believed that and thought it meant I needed people around me to be happy. I listened to the outside voice and took it as my own. I believed I was only happy when I was surrounded with humanity and therefore was in a constant search and un-ease with myself in the slower moments of life.

While I’ve known I like the quiet times I didn’t know just how much they meant to me. It took Covid forcing a more distanced way of being for me to recognize a different truth.

I LOVE throwing a party and watching the glee and joy on the faces of the people who attend. I revel in the energy of a group gathering and witnessing the community being nurtured and built. When teaching a class I delight in seeing the lights go on as a new understanding dawns upon the participants.

It’s no wonder I feel called to a work where I connect deeply with people and have the opportunity to help them define and achieve their goals. The introspection and self care required to find clarity and appreciation for your true self comes from being still and listening.

When was the last time you embraced it?

The quiet?

The stillness?

Take a minute to feel the inner you. If you’ve already found it and you’re completely at peace I congratulate you and celebrate in the understanding of your gifts.

If you are still looking I encourage you to continue. Who are you in your most authentic moments? Imagine the ever amazing gift to the world only YOU can be. Shut out the external voices telling you who you are and begin listening to your own inner guidance. You may be surprised at what you find and learn.

As the snow comes down outside, and I am again pushed inward, I pray we are all able to find a little joy. Connect deeper with who we truly are and how we can actively nurture ourselves in this space. I encourage you to find the gem and blessing in the darkness by bringing a little light to the party.



                                         with love,


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