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Embrace Today, Let Go of Yesterday 

Today, let’s talk about something that is so close to home but often overlooked. It’s the inescapable prison of regret and our tendency to beat ourselves up over our past choices.

Recently, I had a heart-to-heart conversation with a loved one who, weighed down by their past decisions, was having a challenging time moving forward. Regret was their constant companion, and it was significantly impacting their happiness. They were lamenting the effects their choices had on other people’s lives, unable to shake off the guilt.

We reflected on how their choices had indeed affected others but, upon closer look, it was also obvious that these instances had contributed to the resilience and strength of other people involved. Despite past decisions, their lives were not ruined, rather they were enriched with experience and wisdom.

Stuck in a cycle of regret, my loved one was not only living in the past but was also losing out on experiencing the present. Life, as we know, offers both challenges and rewards in the present moment. By continually going back to past mistakes, we deny ourselves the pleasure of now. By dragging these past weights into our present, we unnecessarily burden ourselves and rob our present moments of their joy.

Past choices are indeed lessons that helped us understand our then present circumstances, and guided us in making these decisions. The essence lies in realizing that every decision, in retrospect, seemed like the best at that moment of our lives due to our circumstances.

A compassionate approach towards our past self is an essential step in allowing yourself to heal.

Every experience, overwhelming or challenging at the time, offered us a valuable gift: growth. Each path chosen taught us something that we would not have learned otherwise. Therefore, burying ourselves in the past prevents us from embracing the wisdom and growth these experiences provide.

In the journey of self-love and compassion, it’s crucial to let what’s in the past, stay in the past. It’s time to focus on forgiving ourselves and leaving our regrets behind. Healing our past is the key to embracing our present. So, as you go through your day, I hope you can harness the strength to let go of yesterday and start living today.

Have a wonderful and mindful day!


                                         with love,


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