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50: How to Communicate Effectively With Your Partner

Have you ever gotten home from an exciting day and you want to tell your partner every single detail but they aren’t mentally or emotionally ready for it? You launch into your long story anyway and your partner is frustrated with you for not understanding why they’re not receptive to hearing it. We’ve all been there. 

In this week’s episode of Breathe In, Breathe Out, Krystal shares why this miscommunication happens in the first place and exactly how to fix it. 


Think meditation is hard? Do me a favor: take a slow, deep breath in and now breathe out. Congratulations! You just meditated. Hi, I’m Krystal Jakosky and this is Breathe In, Breathe Out: a Weekly Mindfulness and Meditation Podcast for anyone ready to own their own shit…and find a little peace while doing it.

Welcome back to Breathe In, Breathe Out. I’m Krystal and I am thrilled that you’re here. Thrilled that we’re here together. Oh, I just love podcasting this week. I want to talk about communication a little bit. I’m a storyteller. I’m a Weaver. I share a lot about my life, little tidbits here and there, and I really appreciate you guys being willing to come along this journey with me and witness my vulnerability and witness my tips and tricks. And, I hope that you’re finding benefit and support in what you hear and are able to grow in your own life as well. This week, as far as communication goes, I want to share a little bit, a little glimpse into how my husband and I communicate. So Jay likes very direct, specific communication. It is line, line, line done. When he asks a question, he usually just wants the facts, just the facts.

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