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Sacred Circle


September 7, 2024



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Lafayette, Colorado
Lafayette, Colorado

Join Rev. Rachel Harrison and Rev. Krystal Jakosky for the 2024 Sacred Circles. This year calls us to dive a little deeper into our own journeys and pick up a few gems along the way. We will pull wisdom from Alberto Villoldo, PH.D. and Dr. Wayne W. Dyer to expand and support our daily efforts of self-awareness, self-love and connection to our own Higher Powers. We look forward to sharing our light and supporting one another as we strengthen and grow. 

Each gathering will feature an uplifting message, a meditation, journaling, sharing time, as well as various rituals and exercises for heightened awareness and release. 

2024 Topics

  • 1/6 Happiness is The Way; Attitude Is Everything
  • 2/3 Happiness Is the Way; Lead With Love
  • 3/2 Happiness Is The Way; Cultivate Your Own Garden
  • 4/6 Happiness Is The Way: Claiming your Spark Of Change
  • 5/4 Insights into Perception and Your Luminous Energy Field
  • 6/1 Insight One: Releasing Judgement to become your Own Hero
  • Off July and August
  • 9/7 Insight Two: Living Fearlessly
  • 10/5 Insight Three: The Beginner’s Mind and Living a life of Integrity
  • 11/2 Insight Four: Owning The Creation of Your Reality
  • 12/7 Celebrating Our Transformational Journey

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