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Every Choice Matters

As a youth, I was taught of a Father in Heaven who loved me so much he wanted me to have Free Agency. The power to choose what I would do, who I would be, and where I would go. As an adult, I’ve come to embrace this idea and broaden the concept.

We all have the power to choose. It is a gift every living being receives.

If we tune into this gift and work to fully embrace and comprehend it we come to the understanding that we create our lives. Every choice creates the next choice and the next and the next.

There are times we choose not to choose and that, in and of itself, is a choice.

You made the choice to sit back and let what happens, happen. You choose to accept whatever consequence would come from your non-active yet very active choice.

Every day is filled with options, big and small. What seems big to one of us may be a small one to someone else. (Getting out of bed comes to mind.) Each one of the decisions, however small, feeds into a large picture, they are all threads in the beautiful tapestry of life you are weaving.

Food is an obvious one. What you eat today can dramatically affect your tomorrow. And the choices you make many days in a row either support or negate your future goals and hopes.

Physical activity is another support or sabotage result. Taking it easy one day may be recuperating yet the longer you are inactive the less active you want to be. As muscles relax you find it more challenging and exerting to do simple tasks and where does that lead?

Employment. For many, this is a love/hate relationship. Where are you at? Are you happy? Do you feel valued and empowered? Are you struggling and wishing for something more fulfilling? If you’re miserable and feeling beat down is it starting to feel “normal” and easier to stay than to stand up and claim some power and confidence for yourself?

A million little choices brought us here. In the job situation every choice to stay down, every decision to let “this” or “that” slide was an active acceptance and validation of the situation versus the alternative of self-worth and value. OR, each choice to assert yourself and contribute to your own success and empowerment has helped create a positive nurturing cycle.

How about your relationships? In every interaction, we have crossroads and decisions. You choose into or out of a relationship with every exchange. From the seemingly unbreakable and fully accepting lifelong connection to the fragile touch-and-go, your decisions put you into association with those who support or contradict you. Nowhere is this more apparent than when two people don’t see eye to eye.

A difference of opinion. A decision that the other person’s actions are wrong. The withdrawal and avoidance of conflict. A refusal to see from the other’s point of view. The insistence you’re right. It can all lead to a chasm. Neither party wants to attempt to bridge the gap and you end up losing that connection.

Are you ok with the loss? Was it a healthy relationship you would like to heal? Or was it a toxic one you’re stronger without?

If you would like to work at keeping the connection, is there a way to bridge the gap?

Can a choice, or several, be made to reconcile, find compassion and create peace where pain once resided?


In many instances the choices made to take us down a path are many before we find we’re in a space we would rather change. It takes a lot of perseverance and intention to make new ones in order to change the path into one we love. On occasion, it takes several decisions to create what we think is an amazing path only to find we need course corrections further in. In some instances we are lucky enough to see the choice early, acknowledge it’s not the direction we want, and chart a new course by opting into a different action.


I’m watching a squirrel and laughing at the message he just brought.

He can choose to do the work, right now. Winter is coming and he needs to stockpile food so he can survive.

OR, he can play. There are others frolicking in the trees. I watch them chase each other and taunt the cats.

The decision he makes now will affect his future and comfort.

We are the creators of our lives. Every choice leads us to another choice and another and another. As we make these decisions our lives come into focus and we live with the creation and consequences be it positive or negative, peaceful or painful, simple or challenging.

The paths we choose to take bring us to the lessons and growth we experience which in turn enrich our lives and help us be more compassionate and understanding.

So, tell me this:

Are you happy with your life?

Your choices have created this.

And your choices can, and will, change that space.



                                         with love,


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