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Navigating the Light AND the Dark

I have this large painting in my office.

It’s as though you are looking up out of an abyss and a person is above you, reaching down to help you rise out of the darkness. You are looking up through the water and the person is smiling as they offer their hand in loving assistance.

The whole image is just beautiful and brings a smile to my heart. I feel a warmth and loving, nurturing acceptance.

I get to spend time with this image every day.

It’s a gift.

Jay encouraged me to buy it when we happened upon it in a store. I thought it was beautiful and yet wasn’t sure I had a place for it. I truly went back and forth on the purchase wondering what I was doing thinking about buying such a large painting that may be in storage for a while. At one point I decided I’d just get the artist’s information and would circle back once I had a space ready.

I couldn’t leave the store without it.

Even as I purchased it and carefully placed it in the car I wondered what I was thinking. I didn’t understand this pull to have the image looking over me, protecting me, loving me. I did know it was meant to be in my space. I knew it would be a beacon for all I worked with and a reminder of who I am and what I’m about.


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The image tells a story.

It speaks of reaching out to help one another through our darkest times. It teaches support and strength and kindness. It teaches me to keep my own footing while assisting those who have lost theirs. It reminds me of joy and sorrow, of unknown spaces and light shining in.

I love the light. I love how light shines through the leaves to create patterns on the ground or a wall. A full moon helping us see as we walk in the night. The ability to chop vegetables and avoid fingers because you can discern between flesh and food. Reading a good book by lamplight or illuminating the notes on a page to play a beloved instrument.

Light is amazing.

So is Dark. A cooler respite from the hot sunny days. The opportunity to rest and allow our bodies and minds to recuperate from our daily grind. Seeing stars poke out of their mysterious heavenly expanse. The healing void of nothingness to soothe a tired soul. Hide and seek. The inside of a box holding sacred, precious secrets and memories. The moonlight across the water.

We all experience light and dark in every aspect of our lives. Ups and downs. Good and bad. Joy and pain. Gentle and harsh. Ease and discomfort. Challenges and success. As a human creator, you have the power to choose what side you experience.

When things are too bright and energetic you can turn them down to savor and extend the experience. When they are heavy and dark you can lighten them with a laugh or companionship.


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Managing where you’re at, what you need, and finding balance in between.

I recently experienced a truly rough morning. Multiple things were weighing on me, anyone would have been easily adaptable to, yet the culmination of them all was overwhelmingly frustrating and had me emotional.

I stopped everything I was doing.

I took a deep breath.

And then I asked what I could do to improve my state of being.

I was in darkness and weighed down. There was no specific thing I could do to fix any of the challenges before me which left me floating in uncertainty.

In asking how I could be of service to myself I was inspired to cook. I yearned for a healthy meal of my own making and the meditative rhythm of chopping vegetables while enjoying soothing music.

So I started chopping and my husband jumped in to help. (I’m the sous chef and he adds the heat;)

We made a delicious roasted root vegetable main with a “fru-fru” lettuce salad topped with ripe pears and homemade vinaigrette.

It was SO delicious. And everyone sitting around the table was so appreciative of the delectable flavorful food. The act of cooking turned my entire day around. I went from feeling heavy and aimless to grounded and happy. And the leftovers the next day were just an added reminder of how I chose to make a difference in my own life.

I have the power to make my day amazing.

I get to alter my reality.

If I don’t enjoy what’s going on I can change it. I can do something different. I can shift my focus, lighten my thoughts, remove myself from the situation…I have the ability to create a new reality.

If I don’t like my weight I can make healthier choices.

If my job sucks, I can apply for a new one.

If my relationships are difficult, I can work on my communication to improve them.

If I’m swimming in debt, I can adjust spending habits to get out.

If my health is suffering, I can learn what will help me improve it and apply it.

Do you see the opportunity? You’re not “stuck.”

We get to save ourselves from the depths of darkness by adding a little light, a little joy, a little change. It doesn’t have to be huge. Little steps create lasting transformations.

“I Can” versus the “I Can’t” is a great place to start.

Every day is a choice and every choice has power.

What will you do with it?



                                         with love,


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