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Flowing Forward: Applying the Wisdom of Water to Navigate Life’s Obstacles 

I went for a walk with a friend in downtown Denver. There’s this place called Confluence Park that has a little river flowing through it and paved walkways on either side. There are bridges you can use to cross from one side to the other and extend or shorten your walk.

It was a beautiful morning. The sun was shining, the sound of the river was soothing, and the company was perfect.

As we wound down our walk, it was time for an early lunch, so we crossed the last bridge and headed to a little cafe.

As we crossed the bridge, I took pause. I stopped to watch the water for a bit. I was drawn to the way it flowed and eddied behind rocks and obstacles. It was so “fluid,” literally. LOL 😆

As I watched it move downstream, inspiration hit. I want to be more like water. When water hits a rock, it simply moves around it.

When it comes into a turn, it may eddy a bit as it works its way downstream. It doesn’t STOP moving forward due to obstacles. It simply finds another path forward.

And another point:

Water can be gentle and soft. Think of taking a shower and how it gently washes your body. Or watch a stream lazily wind its way down to a riverbed. Slow, easy, and soft.

Water can also be harsh and angry. My mind goes to a rushing river with rapids or a violent rainstorm leaving water gushing through gullies and washes, taking anything in its way with it. 

If you walk into water, it’s easy to break through, and it flows around you. On the other hand, if you fall from a height, it can feel like concrete, taking your breath away and leaving you in pain.

Water also cuts through rock. This fluid, soft, gently moving substance cuts through rock!! This is how the Grand Canyon and so many other natural formations were created by wind and water slowly eroding rock.

I think it’s gorgeous. I can move around my obstacles. I can be stuck in my own way of thinking and fail to take a breath to see if there’s another way with less upset and frustration. I can take a pause, an eddie before I move on to my next journey.

There are times I need to be soft and gentle with myself or those around me. There are other times and situations when I genuinely need to be more assertive and solid. The fluidity of water demonstrates emotions and living life.

 Water is amazing. The lessons it reminded me of that day were so simple and beautiful.

I’ve always loved the water. The ocean, lakes, rivers, and fountains. I think the sound of it can be just as filled with inspiration as the sight of it. I think I’ll try to embrace the lessons it offers a little more often.


                                         with love,


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