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When Preparation Meets Opportunity – Magic Happens.


I’ve had a few conversations lately around the law of attraction and the concept of manifesting reality. The idea is like attracts like. You think it and so it shall be. You create your reality. You believe it and so it is. Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.  

So if a person has a generally weighed down and challenged attitude towards life, their life will be difficult and overwhelming.

If a person believes life is amazing and wonderful, beautiful things just keep happening for them.

This concept pisses some people off. They automatically feel judged and angry when confronted with the idea that they have somehow chosen the challenges and pain they’ve endured. 

How dare you tell me I have created this!

Other people blow it off as a silly idea someone came up with to make a bunch of money on unsuspecting suckers. 

There’s no way you can just attract a million dollars and happiness. You’re nuts to even begin to believe in that crap.

I’ve talked before about how we are often saying the same things using different vocabulary. I believe this Law of Attraction falls in the same space.

One person says “like attracts like” and therefore you get what you put out in the world. Another person may say, “I believe it will happen and so it does.”

A Roman philosopher said, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” Again, the same thing in different words. Your preparation attracted the opportunity which would match with the preparations made.

My husband and I believe in this phenomenon because we’ve seen it play out repeatedly in our lives. Whether we are preparing for an opportunity or just putting it out into the universe what we are seeking, we often experience a realization of said request.

Yet there’s a catch.

When I am seeking something I have to be CLEAR about what I’m seeking. I can’t just say “I want life to be better” because the universe doesn’t know my definition of better. So I may experience changes and yet not recognize them as what I have asked for because I honestly didn’t ask for anything specific.

On the other hand, if I say “I would like a job which (insert ideal job) and a partner who (insert attributes of desired partner),” you have put the idea into motion.

A friend was lamenting the lack of a romantic relationship. I listened to all of her frustrations and complaints. I listened to what she didn’t want and her past experiences. When she was finished I asked what she did want. It took her a minute and eventually she was able to turn the don’t’s into do’s. I asked if she had any space in her life for a partner. 

Is there room in your closet? 

Do you sleep on one side of the bed or take the whole thing up? 

Is there time in your daily routine for another human to join you?

Not long passed when I received a message from her. She had cleaned out her closet, started sleeping on one side of the bed, made time available in her daily life, and…met someone she was really excited about.

She made space. She created an intention and followed it through with action.

She prepared for the opportunity and found luck.

Once I define my need/desire specifically, things just change. I am now focused and since I’m focused, the universal energy is better able to focus with me. I take the time to see it, feel it, taste it, be it in my mind. I visualize this shift with every sense possible. My emotional change, physical change, and mental change.

Sometimes we don’t take a step into change because we’re afraid. If you take the opportunity to completely visualize how it will be, suddenly it’s not so scary because you’ve (kind of) seen it already. Remove the fear and create excitement.

And in so doing, you’ve done the preparation by defining your desire.

Your preparation creates an opening for the opportunity.

How much luck can YOU create?



Journal Prompts:

  1. What is a change you would like to make? Feel free to start small. How can you support and encourage yourself in making this change? Take a moment to mentally stand in the future and visualize life once you’ve made this change. How do you look? How does it feel? Describe it in great detail and write it down.
  2. What opportunity would you like to prepare for? (a move, new job, relationship, self-acceptance) Put it down on paper and describe every aspect and detail. How do you feel mentally? Emotionally? How does this opportunity taste or smell? (location, food, etc.) Where do you live? What does it look and feel like? (climate, culture, people) What will your new relationships/friendships be like?



                                         with love,


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