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Balance, joy, and self-care amidst the overwhelming responsibilities of caregiving – This is Lewy Body and Mind: What Caregiving? I’m your host, Krystal Schakowsky, and in this intriguing episode, we dive into finding harmony amidst chaos by adding a dash of joy and fun to your life. Say “yes” to self-care, learn a new skill, maybe take up pickleball like I did, or even learn to play a viola! I share my experiences and how a simple mental scale shifting can transform your life even when burdened with the heavy responsibilities of caregiving. Join me as we explore powerful methods to maintain your mental peace and find your joy and happiness while navigating your caregiving journey. Don’t miss this heartening episode aimed at helping you balance the ‘heavy’ things and the ‘light’ things to create a blissful caregiving life. Remember, it’s about adding, not subtracting, to balance your plate. 

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