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If You Could See What I See


There’s the old Christmas song,” Do You Hear What I Hear”. It’s an echo back and forth between different people and animals heralding Christ’s birth. The question lingering is if the person asked can see, hear and know what the asker knows.

On a deeper note, it lends itself to standing in another’s shoes for a moment to truly see what they see, BE where they are.

I was holding my Granddaughter, feeding her a bottle before going to bed. She wanted to hold her own bottle and kept eye contact with me the whole time. It was as if she was saying, “I got this and I love the closeness of snuggling.”

Looking into her eyes I saw the universe. So many bright points of light, shining back into the world with pure peace and innocence.

She paused to smile. A silent message spoken so loudly, “I’m joyful to have you present in this moment.”

Peanut Butter Ball RECIPE 03My husband and grandson were playing a game at the table as I fed her. There were no other distractions or noises, just calm connectedness. I am so grateful for that moment, the closeness, the gift.

In our beautiful moment, the world stopped. There was nothing else pulling at my time or attention, no business, no work, or “to-do’s.” Just Be. There. In the now. Soak it in. Breathe in the chance to love and be loved.

My granddaughter was only 8 months old. She didn’t need much and life wasn’t complicated. She lived in the moment; I am happy, I am hungry, I need a diaper change, she just lived and experienced what was before her.

Scriptures and religion talk of becoming like the little children. I believe this state is what they mean, find wonder in the mundane, find joy in the repetitive, find peace in the moment.

Do you see what I see?
A shooting star, trailing across the sky. A beautiful smile, crisp white snow.

Do you hear what I hear?
A song, rustling of the trees, waves of the ocean.

Do you know what I know?
A child in need, a hand to hold, a heart to mend.

What goodness and light do you see? What joy do you hear? What peace can you know?

When was the last time you stopped to wonder at the world around you?

While things are ever challenging, we are gifted this moment in time. What we choose to see and give our attention to is solely ours to own. Choosing the positive helps lift our spirits and the spirits of those around us.

Take a moment.
Enjoy a sunset.
Listen to laughter.
Savor a delicious meal.
Share a moment of connectedness.

May you find a gift of Joy today and every day as you navigate the wonders of life.



                                         with love,


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