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A Guided Meditation for Love, Peace, + Self-Care


The last couple of weeks have been a bit slower than normal. I find I’m on the couch a little more, reading a book, playing a game, drinking some tea, browsing this or that article or magazine.


On the one hand, I feel as though I’m missing something and I “should” be doing not sitting. On the other, it just feels good. These opportunities don’t come around often. When they do it’s usually accompanied with the browbeating concern of what’s not being accomplished or is piling up for another crazy dash to dig out of and complete because I dared take a moment.


This time? I’m taking it in.


I’m breathing into my belly and taking a quick inventory. Perhaps something small comes to mind which needs attention and yet perhaps nothing does and I can let go a little more, grateful for the uniqueness of the moment.


And now, my mind shifts to you, my readers.


I am so very grateful for you. I’m grateful for the chance I have to express some of my inner thoughts and the responses and knowledge many of you feel the same or are inspired by them. This is a gift, a connection and a boost. In our own way we are a community. We are not alone and we share a moment of positive growth and heart space through these writings.


So, my gift of gratitude for you, this Holiday Season is a meditation for a moment of love, peace and self-care. You can read it this week and next week’s email will contain an audio/video file for you to do it as a guided meditation as well.


I pray you find it a calming boost of strength and peace to return to.


Start by taking in a deep breath.

In through your nose.

Out through your mouth.

Now take another one, all the way down into your belly.

Feel your ribs and stomach expand as this life giving oxygen enters your body and feeds every molecule and cell within your being.

Another deep breath. In and out.

Pay attention to the cooling sensation as it enters your nose. And then again how your body lets go and relaxes as you exhale.

Your body continues to expand as you breathe in and gently contract as you release.

And your muscles continue to let go and relax as you continue these deep cleansing breaths.

Focus on the rhythm of the in and the out. If your mind begins to stray, come back to the “I’m breathing in. Now I’m breathing out.”

This is a moment for you.

Take it.

Let everything else go.

Just for this moment.

And you continue to breathe deeply,
fully expanding
and releasing.

In your mind’s eye an orb appears.

Notice its color. Does it pulse or is it a steady glow.

Soft and gentle or bright and intense?

This orb is a gift for you. It is just what you need in this moment.

Perhaps it’s patience in a situation.

Understanding and clarity.

Maybe your heart needs a boost of healing and love.

Or your body needs added health and repair.

Perhaps it’s just a moment to take pause from the daily rigors of life.

As you take another deep cleansing breath allow the orb to come closer and invite it into your being. Accept the gift it offers.

As it envelopes you notice where you feel it is most needed. What part of your body is it drawn to?

Another healing breath and the orb expands.

With each deep breath the glow grows until it encompasses your entire being.

You are surrounded in it’s light and this moment of feeding your heart and soul.

Feel the shift and the gift.

And another deep breath is an added release of unnecessary weight you have been carrying. Completing the gift and accepting the change.

Stay in this moment as long as you feel is needed.

And when you are ready, bring your attention back to your breath.

Deeply in.

Gently out.

Become more aware of your surroundings.

The surface which supports you.

Another breath and you wiggle fingers and toes. Coming even more present to the current moment.

And with one more breath, you are awake, alert, and welcome back.

You are now ready to focus on your task at hand.


I pray your days are filled with love and self-acceptance, compassion, and understanding.

May you find moments of peace and personal healing this Holiday.



                                         with love,


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