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The Gardens Spotlight: The Labyrinth

Are you familiar with meditation labyrinths?

They’re amazing. One way in and one way out. No way to get lost. Just a simple opportunity to place one foot in front of another and let your mind clear as you go.

I’ve been drawn to them ever since I can remember and I don’t really know why. And yet every time I see one I just have to walk it. And if there isn’t time? Internally I’m like a petulant child…brooding and miserable at the missed chance to meander through the maze.

So, naturally, when I grew up (literally, not necessarily figuratively) I just had to have one near me. And by near me I mean 250 feet from my front door 😌

This labyrinth was a labor of love. Actually, correction: a stubborn labor of love.

You see, people said I couldn’t do it. They said the materials couldn’t be done and it wouldn’t last and I wouldn’t be able to find people to help me do it…well, I got the last laugh. Some of my family came into town. Strong able bodies. Excited and willing to help make a dream come true.

We dug, leveled, and washed tons of rock. We raked, placed, and glued while the sun beat down. We used materials we already had and purchased the ones we didn’t. We even tipped over Frankie the farm tractor. I went to a local rock shop and felt out which stones wanted to be in the center. They represent the chakras and you can lay down on top. The simple act draws out a deep releasing breath from my being and I sink into the moment a little more.

It was a fabulous summer and the labyrinth is still whole and nestled beneath Grandmother Willow today. Largely clear from snow in the winter, it’s ready and waiting year round to welcome a searching soul.

I’m looking at it as I write and I think it may be time to go for a stroll

Your journey of healing and transformation is your own, and I help facilitate it at The Beam and Bell. The meditation garden and our many healing spaces were designed to support that journey for you. Close your eyes and let your spirit guide you toward the ones that will best serve your growth, inner peace, and clarity. Contact me when you’re ready to embark; I’ll be waiting for you.


                                         with love,


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