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Let’s Infect the World With Love

How can you possibly spread love while #healthydistancing?

A happy elephant spreading Love throughout the world!


Smiles and laughter are contagious. Let’s infect the world around us with joy.

Build up others and you will lift yourself.

Give someone a gift today!

Your words, your smile, your voice, your love, your concern/caring, and your gratitude are all gifts.
Call a friend or loved one, let them know you care.
Thank a person on the frontline, smile at the grocery clerk, or send a letter to a hospital, police station, or other essential employees.
Send a funny meme, joke, video, or picture to someone who could use a boost. -Smile and wave to a neighbor, kids, or delivery person walking by.
Perhaps there is a broken relationship that could use mending with effective communication and time? Lighten your burden and another’s.
Give a sincere compliment, make eye contact and let them know you see them.
By focusing on others and building them up, we curb our own negativity or melancholy.
Color a picture, write a letter or send a note.

You have the power to shine light in the darkness. Use this power and feel the universe respond.

Vibe yourself up and those around you will feel it 🙂



                                         with love,


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