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Let’s Shed 2020 (with a Guided Meditation)


I believe we are all connected. I’ve talked about ripples and how we can positively affect those around us which can affect circle after circle of people. I pray to be one of the happy ripples bringing joy to the people experiencing it and expanding horizons. I pray to bring clarity and compassion through individual self-discovery and ownership.

This year has been one of survival. While it has been a difficult gauntlet there have been many beautiful moments of growth, understanding, and silver linings. What positive lessons have you learned and been grateful for? What challenges did you come upon and successfully conquer? What heartaches are you still healing? And what happy dances are you still celebrating?


I’ve seen emails and bumper stickers with some version of the statement of “everyone is going through something, so be nice.” This year we all went through something together and yet separate. It has been an opportunity to grow in understanding and compassion. There have been many voices begging for acknowledgment and equality.

Last week I gifted you with a meditation for yourself. A moment of peace to recenter, focus, and receive. 

This week I would like to expand on it. Please join me on another journey and gift, not only yourself but the world, with a bit of love, hope, and healing.


Start by taking in a deep breath.


In through your nose.


Out through your mouth.


Now take another one, all the way down into your belly.


Feel your ribs and stomach expand as this life-giving oxygen enters your body and feeds every molecule and cell within your being.


Another deep breath.


Pay attention to the cooling sensation as it enters your nose. And then again how your body lets go and relaxes as you exhale.


Your body continues to expand as you breathe in and gently contract as you release.


Your muscles continue to let go and relax as you continue these deep cleansing breaths.


Focus on the rhythm of the in and the out. If your mind begins to stray, come back to the “I’m breathing in. Now I’m breathing out.” 


Let everything else go. 


And you continue to breathe deeply,

fully expanding 

and releasing.


In your mind’s eye, a light appears.


Notice its color. Its Shape. Its size.


Does it pulse or is it a steady glow?


Soft and gentle or bright and intense?


This light is inviting and warm.


It slowly wraps you up in its beautiful, soothing light.


As it settles upon and around you you feel the weight, pressures, fears, and uncertainty of the past year fall away, like a ragged shroud being dropped and discarded.


Your shoulders feel lighter as your heart fills with hope and anticipation.


You turn your body to face the new light and energy.


As you do so, you see new possibilities, healing, love. 


Any last vestiges of past upset melt away with this new light and joy. 


Allow your heart to mend and expand.


And the light continues to grow. This healing hope.


As it grows, invite your loved ones into this circle. Envelope them in this same beautiful light. 

An offering and prayer for their journey, for their healing. 


Allow them to feel your love and support.   Perhaps holding them in this space helps you heal an old wound and clear stagnant energy.


Take a moment with your loved ones and then allow the light to expand until it encompasses your neighborhood. Offering compassion, camaraderie, and cohesion. 


A prayer for safety and oneness.


And the light expands until it envelopes your city. With this same hope and energy of unity, understanding, and love. And pause, imagine a hug to squeeze this energetic prayer into being.


And it continues to expand until your entire continent is encircled. Imagine people coming together in understanding and peace. Compassion and equality. 


And as this peace and love settles, your prayer expands again until it envelopes the entire world. This earth we live upon. With all of its diversity in landscapes, plants, animals, and humans. 


We are so blessed to have such an amazingly beautiful planet to live on.


It needs a boost too. Give it a hug and pour all of your hope for health, healing, wholeness, and understanding into it. 


Add a prayer for the healing of every Human Being. For understanding, compassion, equality, and unity.


Give this all-encompassing energy a color. Infuse it with any additional positive intentions you feel in your heart.


And then, begin bringing the light back to yourself. It slowly returns to your space…  in this moment.


Once again your protecting, loving hug and prayer for understanding. Your gift and hope for an amazing future filled with possibilities and joy.  Newness and optimism.


You return to the awareness of your breathing. The gentle In and Out as your chest and stomach rise and fall.


With your next breath, you continue to become more present to the surface supporting your body. 


You wiggle your fingers and toes as you continue becoming even more aware and alert to your surroundings.


And with your next breath, you open your eyes and are awake, alert, refreshed, and ready to continue your day with renewed intention, lightness, and peace.


Thank you for giving the world a gift this day. 

Thank you for sharing your light and energy.

Thank you for taking a moment to bless yourself and your loved ones with hope and appreciation for the wonderful things to come.


Rather follow along with Krystal in real-time? View the guided meditation here:


                                         with love,


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