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Permission to be you. Always.


Today is a day for introspection and personal growth. The last few newsletters have been so fully direct on the Self-Ownership aspect of things I’ve been delighted with the response. Even my dad embraced the concept and I relished how he slipped it into everyday conversation.


Another tagline we embrace is “Permission to be you. Always.”


Not sometimes. 




It’s a lesson that comes around every so often as a guidepost along my journey. A reminder I am exactly on the right path and there is no need to adjust it for others’ opinions or discomfort. 


One of my favorite, go-to teas has little inspirational sayings on the tab. At times, these notes have sparked ideas for musings. Others have been communications from the universe.


The message most recently received was definitely a spark. 


It read, “Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner. – Lao Tzu”


I was immensely grateful for the reminder and nudge. 


We experience constant little wins. Moments we get to fist pump the air knowing we’ve achieved amazing, fabulous things and just have to express it somehow. There are SO many areas I can think of which pertain to the above quote. Think about all of the types of relationships you have that feed into keeping you exactly how and where you are. 


So often those bonds keep us in a place where we’re not entirely comfortable or allowed to fully be true to ourselves. We fear judgment. Our new truth and understanding yearns to come out and yet the discomfort and fear of losing approval keeps us dimming our light. 


So we hide. Perhaps a lot and then again, maybe it’s just a little. It truly doesn’t matter. The choice to hold back means you’re prisoner to their bonds regardless. 


I know. I’ve bent to this. I’m constantly uncovering new areas where I’ve allowed this to be the case. I embrace myself in one light, releasing the binding and allowing freedom. This illuminates another tie to work out and remove on my journey to being authentically me.


Sometimes it’s a slow go. Like testing the waters with your toes.


Other times it’s like a door is thrown wide open and jumping joyfully into the deep while embracing truth and reality.


This tea bag came when I was finally able to release some heavy bonds. After wrestling with my fear I realized my own approval was the most valuable thing I could give myself. 


Permission to be you. Always.


It’s a rallying cry. My own personal anthem and reminder. In craving it for myself I also push others to find the gift. Blowing up chains that bind and finding a new acceptance and freedom in being authentically me.


Thank you for joining me on my journey.


And thank you for letting me tag along on yours.



Journaling Prompt:

There have been times I’m very confident and strong in my path and journey and then there are times I’ve been insecure and frustrated. Have you ever experienced the same thing? 



                                         with love,


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