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Are You Playing Chicken in Your Communication?

You’re in the outside left turn lane enjoying your music as you wait for the light to turn green. 

On the one hand it’s a normal day, nothing out of the ordinary. You’ve been running errands and now it’s time to head home for the next batch of accomplishments.

The crazy thought I had while being in this situation was this…

You are literally playing chicken with the vehicle across the intersection from you!!

Think about it!

In the game of chicken two people embark on a head on collision course. Both participants hope the other will turn to avoid a crash and yet neither knows what’s going on in the other’s head.

As you sit in this space you believe the other car will turn and you intend to do the same. You’re both trusting a complete stranger to follow through on their intention.

Reality says they’re road rules and people follow them. Rules of the road are written and we’re taught what the lines, signs and rules mean. Due to the common education we know we’re on the same page and things should be well in the vehicular aspect.

These rules are the same in most places you go with slight differences. (Like whether or not you can turn right on a red light.) 

Communication surrounding different relationships in your life can help you “write down” the rules of the road. A job description can have unwritten expectations. Navigating friendships can illuminate unintentional assumptions. A new romantic relationship may highlight vastly different beliefs surrounding finances and intimacy.

Sometimes the things we get most annoyed and upset about are little lights into our own upbringing and personal code of ethics. 

And sometimes we’re caught totally unaware or blindsided by what we’re learning.

The Permission To Be You journaling cards are a great way to discover your own rules of the road. The rules you ascribe to and live by.

And by getting a clearer picture of your own rules it will be easier to set boundaries while you mesh with someone else’s. Instead of playing chicken and hoping they’re subscribing to the same set of rules, you’re confident and driving down the same country road.

It does a couple of things.

One: You know what to expect of yourself.

Two: You know what to expect from the other person.

Three: They know what to expect of you.

Four: They know what you expect of them.

Knowing what to expect and what is expected is transformative. It takes things out of obscurity and into solid reliability.


                                         with love,


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