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Gardens Spotlight: The Raking Garden

Grab a rake.

They’re in the tea house behind the door.

You have a blank slate, or maybe not. Perhaps there’s already a design in place and you have the opportunity to create something new.

There is plenty of Japanese and Chinese symbolism in “dry gardens.” The white sand is often reminiscent of a blank space or water. The rocks laced throughout the sand are carefully chosen and can represent mountains, boats, birds or other creatures. The act of raking is often done by specific people to create a particular image for one to enjoy and meditate on.

I simply call mine a raking garden. You get to add whatever meaning you want to and I’m excited to share mine.

Sometimes when I rake through the sand I’m idly allowing the lines to appear. There’s no purpose or intention behind the act. No image in my head to bring out. I simply want to let my mind clear and watch a vision appear.

Other times I’m focused on my image. I know what needs to be there, what wants to come out and be seen. It’s behind my eyes. Fluid or straight. Hearts or blocks. Flowing around the rocks and rippling out like water lapping at the shore. Eventually they bump up against each other and I choose which ripples will win over the others.

Create one design before our session and there may be another one after.

Raking the first design in you meditate on the upcoming opportunity to shift. As you draw over the initial design you realize you are the creator of your life and have the ability to change it. What you are looking at today doesn’t have to be there tomorrow. 

My raking garden is an exercise on the impermanence of everything.

Come lose yourself and relish in the peace of change.

Your journey of healing and transformation is your own, and I help facilitate it at The Beam and Bell. The meditation garden and our many healing spaces were designed to support that journey for you. Close your eyes and let your spirit guide you toward the ones that will best serve your growth, inner peace, and clarity. Contact me when you’re ready to embark; I’ll be waiting for you.


                                         with love,


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