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Are You Relaxing or Disassociating? Here’s the Difference.

As I skimmed Instagram the other day, taking in the humor and inspirations and responding to some of the comments I came across a post that made me think.

It was a simple image with text asking, “Are you relaxing or dissociating?”

A great question.

On one hand I was working. Responding to people, keeping the flow up and following new people is something you’ve got to do if you want to remain visible and grow your audience.

On the other hand – it’s fairly common to lose an hour, or several, to scrolling.

At the end of scrolling do you feel better than when you started?

Did you find nuggets of wisdom and delight to infuse you with more positivity and resilience in this life you get to live? 

Or did you emerge from your time in the social world feeling weighted and disconnected from the world around you?

I seriously have to apply this to my gaming. I LOVE playing games on my phone. Daily brain games, color or black and white nonogram games, kakuro, the sudoku mixed with kakuro, I love thinking and the challenge. And let’s face it, the creators make the game so addicting with leveling up and achievements, etc.

I love a slow, easy morning. It’s my personal time. I ease into my day as my mind builds the momentum of thought and fires up my processors. Part of my routine is playing the daily issue before me.

After seeing the Instagram post I was reminded of a time I gave up games as a bet with one of my kids. It began as an argument about addiction and whether or not we could give up something we really enjoyed. His addiction was the caffeine in Mt. Dew and mine was playing games. 

He didn’t make it a week and begged his brother to keep the secret. I made it over a month when he finally came clean. I could have gone longer and yet it was so easy to slip right back into the old comfort and mental stimulation.

I’ve noticed I’m spending more time playing my games to level up or reading articles and scrolling social media. I have plenty of other things to do and after that post I have to wonder – “Am I relaxing or dissociating?”

Am I trying to avoid the life I’ve built? 

Or giving myself a break for achieving milestones?

What is my intention for playing them? Conscious or subconscious.

Is it really that important if I miss the daily puzzle?

Perhaps it’s time to give them up again and reconnect with an intention for my free-time. 

And yes, I am competitive enough that it would be more fun if I found someone to challenge with;)


                                         with love,


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