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Seasonal Self-Care: Learn to Say NO

I hope this newsletter finds you well and seizing the day. As we embrace the delightful shifts of the seasons, it’s also time to reflect, rejuvenate and maybe reconsider how we spend our energy during these times.

Like many, I revel in the season’s changes; the crunch of fallen leaves, the cool, crisp morning air, and the silent invitation of nature to slow down, tuck away, and go internal for introspection. Not unlike the robust redwoods in California, we too need our ‘hibernation’ period – our chance to rest, restore, and take that well-deserved break.

However, ironically enough, these serene moments are often clouded by the impending holidays. What should be a time for rest often turns into a flurry of obligations and societal expectations—buying gifts, attending parties, the list goes on!

In this rush, it’s easy to forget about ourselves. We overexert, overcommit and often overlook our personal needs and well-being. However, I’m here to remind you – you don’t have to meet every externally set standard. It’s okay to say ‘no’, it’s okay to share simpler, more personal expressions of love and not just material ones, it’s okay to carve out alone time. 

In this season of change, why not shift the way we approach these expected norms? Instead of buying gifts, consider writing heartfelt notes truly encapsulating your feelings. Opt for smaller gatherings or one-on-one meetings with friends and family, making each interaction more personal and less draining.

In essence, the seasons not only change our surroundings but also present the perfect chance to assess our way of dealing with societal pressures. It’s a gentle reminder to prioritize our own needs and wellbeing. After all, our energy and comfort should never be on the compromise block while pleasing others. 

Remember, you’re just as important. This season, tune in to yourself and embrace the peace it has to offer. As always, listen to your heart, know your worth, and never hesitate to take a break.

Looking forward to our continued journey of self-discovery.


                                         with love,


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