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22 Self Love Journal Prompts to Get You Through 2022

Self care can take on a variety of forms for different people. While one person may find hot yoga to be grounding and centering, another may find peace and tranquility in embroidery. Someone may love chopping vegetables while another may connect with themselves best while running. Depending where you are in your own SacredPulse®, your own self care practice can constantly be shifting. 

The term “self care” is thrown around quite a bit, but what really is it? Here’s how I like to define it: self care is the conscious and intentional act of taking care of your self. The myriad of self care options is as vast as the universe. There is no limit to the options and opportunities. Journaling, I’ve found, can be a wonderful tool to add to your self care arsenal. It allows you to really dig deep and ask yourself, “how am I really doing?”

Below we’ve included some of our favorite self love writing prompts and resources that will help you understand the stories you tell yourself, the roadblocks you’ve constructed, and how writing and reflection can drastically impact your 2022 and beyond. 

How to Make Journaling Your OWN

The thing is, journaling looks different for every single person. For one, it’s a book filled with fictitious characters to hide the real people involved in the story. For another it’s bullet points to keep track of moods or food intake. And better still, it may be a fantastic way to understand yourself, your past, and the reasons you react to different situations.

Forget what you’ve been told journaling is supposed to be and allow it to be whatever you need it to be. Call it something other than journaling. Make it your own. Find ways to get excited about it. Create a writing corner you love to go to. Write as though you’re writing to an old friend. Begin by keeping track of something. Mood. Sleep. Food. Lists you’ve accomplished throughout the day. 

And if daily is too much (as it was for me initially), perhaps it’s a weekly or monthly brain dump. Pick a day for self care and add a little time for releasing anything that’s been rolling around in your mind. Give it to your notebook/journal/laptop/coloring page/sketchbook and pay attention to how you feel after. You may find you feel better and that alone is enough to inspire you to continue. 

Why We Need Self Love More Now Than Ever

A heightened awareness of the benefits of self care began in 2021 and has extended into 2022. Many of us realized the mental, physical and emotional toll the pandemic had taken on us and we searched for ways to improve our state of being. Taking care of ourselves became more of a priority and yet it was new territory, a shift in thinking.

As we continue in 2022, and over the next few years, I believe this awareness and growth will continue to expand and be more widely accepted. As we place our wellbeing higher on the priority list the effects will trickle up and out. We experience more self love and understanding, this new energy is visible to those around us and we become role models. It’s like ripples on a pond.

My Two Favorite Journaling Prompts for Self Love

I highly encourage you to take your time answering these prompts and notice how you feel afterwards. Every shift begins with a small choice to dive into you.

1. Describe yourself in your most centered, grounded, positive state.

This prompt has a beautiful power. It takes me out of whatever state I’m in and into a state of visualizing the best “me” I can be. Calm, confident, strong, and at peace. I get to visualize loving who I am, taking care of my own needs, and being connected to myself, Mother Earth, and those I serve. 

The key here is to be as specific as possible. What are you wearing? What do you eat for breakfast? Who are you surrounded by? How do you spend your day? What does your environment sound like? Smell like? For example, if the truest, most centered you is living closer to the ocean, then perhaps being the truest most authentic you smells like that salty sea air. Imagine it physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Feel it.

2. What stories keep repeating in your head? Are they your own voice? Or are they stories you’ve been told and have chosen to believe?

I can’t tell you how often this one has helped me. When I have repetitive negative thoughts this one frequently pops into my head and I’m grateful for the reminder. I’d rather listen to my own loving and encouraging voice than the one keeping me small and insecure.

More Self Love Writing Prompts

3. Describe a time you surprised yourself.
4. Which non-physical trait of yours is your favorite and why?
5. How would you like people to remember you?
6. What are all of the self care methods you’ve found to work for you? 
7. Make a list of the 25 (yes, 25) things you like about yourself. Traits, characteristics, tendencies, etc.
8. Write a letter of reference about yourself in third person. What makes you great? 
9. What aspects of your life are you absolutely thrilled with?
10. What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received? Why did it make you feel so good?
11. How have you grown in the last year? Take a moment to celebrate the win.
12. How do you define happiness? What does it feel like? 
13. When was the last time you experienced true, uninhibited joy? Describe it in great detail.
14. What stories would you like to begin telling yourself? 
15. When was the last time you felt competent and confident in your own skin?
16. Make a list of all the things your physical body does for you (breathing, walking, digesting, etc.) and take a moment to express gratitude for it.
17. What guides your decision making? Where does that wisdom come from?
18. Have you written a bucket list? If not, start one now. What’s at the top and why?
19. What obstacles have you overcome in your life and how have they made you stronger?
20. What part of yourself do you struggle to love the most? How can you shift that?
21. What do you need to forgive yourself for? Why have you been holding onto it for this long?
22. What makes you completely unique from everyone else?

In the vein of understanding yourself and getting in touch with your own inner wisdom, I created Intro to You. It’s an online course filled with journaling prompts, guided meditations, and lessons to help you practice self care and get you started on a deeper path towards self empowerment. If you’re looking for a way to tune out all of the other voices and tune into your own higher self, I encourage you to check it out.

I hope you found value in these journal prompts for self worth and self esteem. Journaling is a fabulous resource that absolutely everyone can use. Remember, all the wisdom you need and the power to change is already within you – it’s just your job to find it.


                                         with love,


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