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The Possibility of Springtime

You’ll most often hear me say that my favorite season is fall. There’s something magical about the leaves changing color, the temperatures dropping, and the preparation for snuggling inside throughout the winter. Yes, I realize this is a little romanticized…I don’t sit inside ALL winter. I’m often pretty productive considering how delicious the winter days are here in Colorado. Really, the only month I’d rather be inside than out is February when the temps dip to below freezing.

But spring? Filled with life. Newness. Possibility.

It feels like that really good, full-body stretch when you first get up out of your warm bed. Or a ridiculously good sneeze that leaves you wanting to savor the moment. Maybe it’s a fantastic meal you just don’t want to end. Or a partner on a date that’s going so well you want it to happen again and again and again. The first day we get to sit on the patio and enjoy the sun (without extra layers to keep warm) marks an annual milestone. I don’t realize how much it means to me until it comes around again every year.

Yeahhhh, spring.

If you can’t tell, seasons mean a lot to me. Cycles, rhythms, whatever you’d like to call them – we all live through them and experience the ebb and flow of life. Sports seasons. Projects at work or school. Even the cycle of the school calendar has its own push and pull. 

There’s always the gear up, then working in the rhythm of the moment, the preparation for finishing, and the letdown or release when it’s all finished. I love the seasons because they remind us of this through a very physical expression. And yet, it’s also a reminder that whatever you’re dealing with right now is temporary. It can and will change. Whether that comes by a natural end or your own choices to adjust things, as they say, “this too shall pass.”

Spring is a reminder for us all to embrace the moment. Grab onto the joy. Relish in the newness. Call the people you love and adore. Live the fullest life you can possibly imagine.

If you need me, I’ll be on the patio – soaking in the sunshine 🙂 


                                         with love,


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