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Spotlighting our Sticker Collection!

We’re excited to announce the launch of our very own sticker collection! We created the collection as a way to spread our message and see our taglines out in the world. The only way in our minds to do that was stickers! I mean, who doesn’t love a good sticker?

Since creating these fabulous bits of joy, we’ve seen them on computers, notebooks, water bottles, and cars. People have asked where they’re from and we’re thrilled to add to their collections. Now you can add them to your own collection! We’d love to see how you display them – tag us on any of our social media channels so we can share your joy. Happy sticking 🙂

To celebrate the launch of our sticker collection, use the promo code “MUSING10” to get 10% off your sticker purchase! Offer is valid until 12/31/21 at 11:30pm MST.



                                         with love,


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