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The Four Agreements: Part 2

I hope this message finds you well. Today, let’s expound on the third and fourth guidelines as outlined in Don Miguel Ruiz’s transformative book, “The Four Agreements.”

The third agreement advises us not to make assumptions. We’ve all experienced occasions where confusion or misunderstanding marred our communication due to a lack of clarity. Instead of guessing or assuming the meaning behind words, why not simply ask? Asking for clarification can prevent a multitude of problems originating from misinterpretation. So, be clear in your communications – this enhances kindness and connection.

We then move to the fourth agreement: always do your best. This aligns with the first agreement – be impeccable with your word. However, it’s essential to remember that your ‘best’ isn’t a constant measure. Sometimes, circumstances change and affect our ability to keep our commitments optimally.

Whether it’s illness or unexpected obligations, understand that your ‘best’ varies. Some days you might reach 100%, other days, you might achieve 40%, but as long as you’re doing your best in the moment, that’s what truly counts.

By consistently offering your best, irrespective of what that ‘best’ looks like, you reduce room for regrets, self-criticisms, or self-doubts. You can move forward with the confidence that you’ve given your all, validating your commitment to the first agreement, and consequently maintain your word’s integrity.

The beauty of these principles lies in their practicality – they are not just theories but applicable rules that can guide our life’s journey. Look over these four agreements and identify areas you could apply and improve on. You’ll find they’ll aid you in becoming a better version of yourself, as they have done for me.

Until the next time we talk, take these agreements to heart, observe their effects on your life, and most importantly, take care. 


                                         with love,


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