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The Story of Grandmother Willow

Not all conflicts come with quick resolutions. Sometimes they can take months and even years.

In the case of Grandmother Willow, it only took a couple of weeks. And for this, I am so very grateful!


The past couple of weeks I have shared the story of a crack willow tree, a ditch, and a treehouse. Initially, a lot of fear and emotion poured out of me while I worked to digest the possibilities. Then came the self-reflection and work to gain an understanding of my state. This was followed by the work to gain clarity concerning the “other side” and their need to confront.

I let you know we reached out to the ditch company to seek a better resolution and common ground as neighbors. We explained how we help them, by taking care of ALL the trees no matter where they lie on the lines and how we attempt to keep the ditch clear of clutter throughout the year. We calmly showed them how we understand their need for proper boundaries and knowledge of what is where while also offering an understanding of our desire for good neighborly relations.

I continually sent out hopes and prayers we would be able to come to a common ground. I know many of you offered them too and I thank you. I also knew they could take a while to respond and hoped the positive energy we sent would shorten the time and move us into a settled understanding.

Just yesterday we received word they are fine with the treehouse and Grandmother Willow. They will BOTH be allowed to stay as is and the ditch company is grateful for all of the work we do to support their efforts year-round. We will work together to find agreed lines for the current ditch and sign agreements to move forward together as neighborly parties.

When Jay told me the news I was so relieved I did a little happy dance in front of the landscapers and jumped up and down a couple more times with extra gratitude 🙂

This experience has been a beautiful win. To have two conflicting sides come to a peaceful understanding is a gift. And this is a gift I pray you are able to learn from and use throughout your lives. When we get caught up in our own fears and anger we are unable to pause and understand clearly and honestly what is truly happening. Every one of us has the opportunity to change our realities. We ALL have the ability to make this world a better place filled with conscious compassion. We can choose to pause and extend a hand of gentle sensitivity to a hurting soul.

I encourage you to try something new, something different. If the way you have handled your emotions in the past has not brought about the changes and outcomes you desired in a positive manner; choose new, choose to understand, choose love.

Thank you for listening.

Thank you for walking this learning path with me.

And thank you for being present in this moment.


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                                         with love,


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