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There’s Always Truth in Sarcasm

Back in February, I took a weekend for myself and spent time journeying with fellow practitioners. It was a beautiful opportunity to gather with like-minded people to feel connected and support one another’s life paths.

I stepped outside my comfort zone and went alone which meant I got to spend time making new friends.

The messages I continually received while journeying were to share, to let my light shine, and to be open to what may come. On the last day, a small group of us went to lunch together and were sharing little things here and there about our impressions, our lives, and where our paths were going. At one point, one woman interrupted me to say, “Don’t you just love to hate her?”

Initially, I was surprised at such a statement. She was smiling, I didn’t believe she meant it in a hurtful way, and yet, how does one react to such a comment. In that moment I took a moment to truly SEE her and understand what she meant, instead of what came from her voice. My insight was one of compassion and sadness. I finally looked her in the eye and said, “There is always a little truth in every bit of sarcasm” and continued to finish my previous thought.

Later she came to me to apologize. Her truth was one of wishing for a life other than the one she had. Fear of moving forward in her business while I was choosing to boldly GO. Instead of facing her personal disappointment and fear, she chose to project and try to pull someone else down so she could feel more equal.


My boys used to do the same thing. They’d insult each other in an attempt to prove who was the “Bigger Man.” Whenever I heard them I’d respond with, “Give me 20 pushups” and they would immediately say, “I was just kidding, Mom!!” To which I would reply, “Truth in sarcasm, my son. Give me 20.”

Sarcasm is all around. It’s a part of everyday conversation. When I’m involved in dialogue and hear it I often express my sentiment of “truth in sarcasm.” Whether the taunt was aimed at me or another being, this statement gives all involved a moment for pause. On occasion, the person expressing themselves will stop and correct the statement, other times the group may laugh it off. In any case, it’s a moment to be present and get clear with intentions. (Myself included.)

Part of living our most authentic lives is taking ownership. When we slight someone with words we skirt our true emotions. While we may feel a little better for throwing the jab we are not fully expressed which means we are still not whole. Stating our genuine thought and personal sentiment allows for a deeper connection and healing of those dark corners of our minds and hearts.

The next time you send sarcasm out I encourage you to take a moment and ask:
What am I sincerely feeling?
Are my words appropriate?
How could this situation benefit from a true expression of my heart?

Being present and changing the way we connect with each other is a gift.

I pray your awareness of “truth in sarcasm” brings about more clarity and love for yourself and for those around you.




                                         with love,


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