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Percy’s Secret

“I’m Krystal’s dog. I stole her computer to tell you something.

There’s this bush. It’s about 2 feet from a fence 3-4 feet tall and stringy.

I LOVE this bush. When she takes me for a walk, I just HAVE to stop and rub it along my side. I turn around, look at the bush and rub it along my other side.

It’s a feeling I can’t put words to. It’s too great to have the feel of it rubbing down my side. I look at Krystal and give her the biggest smile I can. I want her to know how much I LOVE this bush.

She smiles.

I love it when she smiles.

She laughs.

I love that too.

It’s like I get to share happiness about this bush with her. Sometimes when she smiles and laughs I think she understands just how good it feels. I really like it when she just lets me rub back and forth a few times. This is Awesome!”

I loved that dog. We rescued him and his name was Percy. He left this world a while ago and I still miss him sometimes. He was big and golden, anxious and happy.

Percys Secret 😉 01

A couple of years later we rescued another dog named Sadie. She loved the grass on the ground.

It was funny to watch her. She would try to avoid walking on it. When we took her for a walk she tried to stay on the gravel or the mulch and that’s usually where she preferred to pee.

When you did get her on the grass she just laid down. She was so happy. She’d roll over in the grass and scratch her back, stand up for pets and then throw herself back down for more rolling in the grass.

Sometimes my sweetheart would stand in one place and I’d stand across the grass or room from him. We’d take turns calling her name and she’d come running for love and attention. Such simple things brought her joy.

I love watching animals and the happiness little things bring them.

Have you ever let kittens just interact with you?

Have you given yourself a moment to absorb all of their excitement to explore and learn?

And felt that smile sneak across your face leaving you beaming and happy?

Percys Secret 😉 02
My niece Lexi, in her happy place, loving some kittens.

Many religions talk about being like children. I believe this is one area we can truly take pause and learn. Happiness and joy seem to ooze from their bodies and minds. They see it everywhere and create it where it is lacking.

Where is your joy?

And can you “become like the little children” and create more?

Today is a gift.

Allow the sunshine in.

Find a little joy and allow it to seep into your heart.



                                         with love,


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