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What Does it Mean to “Communicate”?


The word itself makes me think of a verbal or written exchange between two or more people. So naturally, I looked it up.

According to Oxford Languages, communication is:

1. The imparting or exchanging of information or news.

2. Means of sending or receiving information, such as phone lines or computers.

So, it seems you need more than one being for proper communication to take place. 

Evidently, I am 2 beings. Seriously, think about it.

How often do you “check in” with yourself to see how you’re doing or what you need? 

I’m headed out, did I get my keys, wallet, mask? What do I want for dinner? What can I do to reduce my stress and take a breather? Why am I feeling icky right now? 

And do you answer yourself? Or better yet, do you expect an answer?

When you stop to think about how you communicate with yourself, would you say you’re a good communicator? Do you wait for answers? Are you clear? Patient? Are you kind and loving? Or do you seem to slip to the other side of pointing out inadequacies and pitfalls?

I mean you’re talking with yourself, so there’s less chance of a conflict or argument. Although, if you’re trying to change your negative self-talk, I still highly recommend you argue with yourself. In the same aspect, it means you don’t have to adjust to someone else’s way of communicating and expectations.

We all communicate differently whether it’s to ourselves or to those we come in contact with. Our different styles come into play with every relationship and interaction. 

This is a topic Jay and I frequently revisit. Whenever there’s a misunderstanding we come back around to talk about what we could have done better and how to improve our communication in that arena for the next time.

What was said? What wasn’t said? What was assumed? What needed clarification? How can we recognize and proactively alter in the future?

I thought we could dedicate the next couple of weeks to my favorite communication tools and tips. They’re also from my Illuminating Connections course, which celebrates relationships and communication. Learn more about Illuminating Connection here and I look forward to providing more insight next week. 




Journaling Prompts:

  1. Do you know your communication style?
  2. Who or what taught you how to communicate?
  3. What is your favorite communication tool and is there something about your communication that you’d like to improve?




                                         with love,


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