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What gives you the feeling of being “home”?

My husband and I are all about preparation. Having been in difficult situations at the end of a loved one’s life, we advocate strongly for end of life planning.

In updating our own documents and information we touched base with our two sons to see if there was anything either of them were strongly attached to. I had my guesses as to what each son would request and was fairly confident in my speculation. This confidence melted away when my oldest asked for a cement elephant fountain.

Initially I thought he was cracking a joke and could not wrap my mind around the idea…

He wanted this small item upon our passing? I laughed at him and finally said, “No seriously, is there anything you would like us to set aside for you?” He very honestly replied, ”That elephant always let me know I was Home. I want the elephant.”

My momma heart melted.

On the one hand, how could something so unassuming mean so much?

On the other, how beautifully simple.

Since the day we brought the elephant home it has nestled near the front patio and entrance to our home. It is adorable, playful and now a reminder and gift.

What gives you the feeling of being home 🏡 01Our adorable, happy elephant

My son and his family recently came into town and this subject came up. He told me he’s ready to take “his elephant” home. The entire conversation had me laughing and wondering if I need to hide it so he doesn’t slip it in the truck as they drive off 😉

This experience gives me pause. What is it that makes a space home? Is it the people? The furnishings? Is it the location and home itself?

What in you reacts to the thought and feeling of being “Home”? When you long for “home” what exactly is it you seek? Is it a warm feeling in your heart? The familiar scent of baked goods? The warm hug only that special person can give?

Home is different for everyone. Can you define it?

When my husband used to travel for work he would ask me to “tetris” his suitcase. I made it easy to unpack and settle in at the hotel and he always asked me to safely include a certain wedding picture of us. When he unpacked he’d set it on the dresser and it would bring him the comforting feeling of Home.

When we go on a trip, even just an overnight or two, I always unpack. I hang my clothes, set up my toothbrush and stuff in the bathroom, put underclothes in drawers. I settle in. I take a moment to get familiar with the space and create a feeling and sense of belonging. Sometimes I take my own pillow or cozy socks because that makes me feel more “at home”. And during our stay I often refer to our lodging as Home. “That was a great dinner, let’s go Home now?” “Can we pick up a few groceries for Home?”

It may not be my house yet it is Home. I have taken the opportunity to create the grounded feeling of comfort and love at Home, wherever it may be.

Baked goods or a specific scent remind you of home?

Family life changes. We are born into a unit and learn the family we are given by blood and choose by heart. We find Home in a myriad of ways and places. And Home is an evolving thing.

What gives you the feeling of being home 🏡 03

People move, hearts are broken, loved ones pass on, there is constant change and we are often left seeking comfort for our souls. Some people spend a lifetime trying to return to the feeling they once had of Home.

The old adage is “Home is where the heart is”. I believe this is because our heart holds the key to the emotions governing our conscious awareness of Home.

May you find clarity in the feeling and energy of what

Home means. Reclaim a piece of yourself and find peace as you grant permission to love and embrace Home throughout life.

I pray you experience nurturing love while connecting to your own feeling of Home.


                                         with love,


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